Sunday, August 31, 2014

Reviews ~ Finished Products August 2014

'Summer is almost over, so do August. Time for my finished products of the month.'

'First finished thing is a huge bottle of free shampoo by Herbal Essences. It worked fine to me, like I said earlier.
Second I finished a bottle of Nailpolish Remover from Dutch Drugstore Etos. It was €0,99 and it is my regular remover.
Also  done, this pink spray can from the Big Bazar. It's an Nail Drying spray, and it was €1,49. It worked pretty well, but not on all brands. Only con is the scent, but that should be over after a few hours.
Lastly a deodorant spray by FA. I buy my deodorants mostly from our local grocerystore, and I pay always €1. It worked okay, but after a while the smell of the consistency become a bit strange, almost nasty.'

'Then I'd finished a Catrice Colour Show Lipgloss... It was a nude colour and I have no idea what the name was, cuz it rubbed off. It was €3,99, and it's discontinued at this point.
Then a lipbalm from the brand So Me in Aloe Vera. I bought this thing in a set of  two for €0,69. I like this lipbalm better then the Max&More ones. It doesn't dry out my lips, like some cheap balms do, so I will repurchase this when my other one is finished.
I also scooped out this Make Up Academy Concealer. I can't remember the price of this concealer, and basicly I put this concealer in another container, cause the lid is broken. It's technicly nottotally finished, I think I have a few applications left. Let's say that the package is finished.
Lastly a free Oil Sample from Kiehl's. I liked this oil, but I'm not sure if I'm going to purchase the full size.'

'Pics are taken by myself with my Sony Ericsson Xperia Mobile Phone, so bare with me.'

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Purchases ~ Sinful Colors Nailpolishes

'Since July/August, I went a bit nuts on the Sinful Colors display at my local Kruidvat, so I picked every other day a few of those polishes up at my biggest Kruidvat. I told you lastly (click here) that you can find the Sinful Colors brand at the Dutch Kruidvat. Not sure if they sell these at the smaller stores, but I found mine in my biggest.'
1st one is Mint Apple, wich I got <years ago>. All the others will be swatched for you in this post.

'First I picked this beautiful purple blue glitter up, with the name Frenzy. This is absolutely an awesome glittery topcoat. I used one layer here over Wynie Nailpolish in #611. It was dry in ten minutes, and last me for 3-4 days. I''m totally in love with this glitter. However, I'm not specific an huge glitter fan.'

'Verbena is one of my favorites. One coat is enough, consistency is smooth... probably I want to use this polish in combination with Purple Diamond. Drytime is amazingly quik, and it wears off after 4 days. Verbena reminds me a bit of Sally Hansen's Lacey Lilac, but it doesn't come even close. Love it anyway... Used one coat here.'

'Used one coat of Pistache here. The polish should be way nicer when applying two coats, but I love this color better then the other Shrek- ish color from Sinful Colors: Innocent, which I don't own. It goes on smooth, and is quik drying. Pistache screams "I am Spring" to me.'

'Also an favorite of the bunch, is Amethyst. Amethyst is a true one coater, and goes on like a dream. Seems all the cream finish purple colors are one coaters. The consistency dries fast, and is really smooth. It's a color I will wear all Fall long, lol. On the pictures I used only one coat. Almost no tipwear, wears off after 3-4 days.'

'Unicorn screams Easter to me. I will probably using this in combination of an nice, speckled glitter. The consistency is awesome, not that goopyness that most yellow polishes have. It goes on smooth. You can get away with two coats, like on the pics.'

'Purple Diamond has an gorgeous golden sheen woven through a glittery lavender colour, but only layered over an purple nailpolish this color does justice. On - two coats doesn't cover well, and I'm not so sure with three coats. On the pics I used two coats.'

'You can't get away with 1-3 coats of Cinderella. One - two coats doesn't coverage nicely, and three coats look thick and goopy. On the swatches I did two coats. Best way to wear this is as an topper over an baby blue nailpolish. I love the magenta specks in this cute color. That what makes Cinderella, Cinderella.'

'Rise&Shine is an beautiful St. Patty's green color. The package says that this is an matte color, so far I didn't notice much off the matte effect. You can get away with one, thick coat, but the best way to apply it, is two thin coats. On the pictures, I'm wearing on my middlefinger one thick coat. On al my other fingers, I used two thin coats. Again, no problems with the consistency here. The only thing is, the polish could stain a bit, but that stain is removeable. Most of such green or teal colors will stain anyway. I'm happy it didn't stain to bad.'

'Lastly, Black On Black, wich is your basic black nailpolish. I will probably use it for dots and other nail art on my nails. Application was very smooth on this fake nail. I used one coat here, so as you can tell, it's pretty good for a cheap black creamy nailpolish.'

'I picked my Sinful Colors Polishes up at my biggest Kruidvat Store for €1,99 each. For the price are these polishes okay, some are better then others off course. Some you might don't like, because of the coverage or stain thing. Overall, I will try a few more colors.'

'Pics are taken by myself with my Sony Ericsson Xperia Mobile Phone, so bare with me.'

Monday, August 11, 2014

Projects ~ Revlon Parfumerie in African Tearose

'Somewhere in May this year, I won an mini-giveaway on Youtube. I got the package from Youtube Adoreabubbles, click <here> to check that out.'

'Time for a little swatching from the Revlon Parfumerie Nailpolish in African Tearose. Is she not gorgeous? You can smell the scent of roses after it dried a bit, but like Adoreabubbles allready in her video mentioned: It's a bit weird to sniff you're nails the whole day...'
Video by Adoreabubbles 

'Pics are taken by myself with my Sony Ericsson Xperia Mobile Phone, so bare with me.'

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Projects ~ DIY : My Nailpolish Cabinet Progress Part 1

'A while back, I posted an piece of writing about new ways to storage Nailpolish, click <here> for that post. Now I want you to show what I did with my cd cases so far, to turn it into my own Nailpolish Cabinet.'

'As you first noticed, I ripped the little "doors" off. I found it very annoying that one door was allready broken. Besides that, the plastic was really dull, you couldn't see the polishes clear that way.
Then, I took some rubber/ foam from the Action for €0,99 a set. I bought two of those packs, for decorating the inside of my Cabinet.'

'Lastly, I sticked those two cases together with hot glue, and tadah! that'swhat I did so far. Next step should be probably making curtains, and decorate a little more.'
My video about it...

'Pics are taken by myself with my Sony Ericsson Xperia Mobile Phone, so bare with me.'

Friday, August 1, 2014

Most Awesome Shops ~ Spotted Sinful Colors In Holland (Kruidvat)

'Kruidvat isn't one of my favorite shops, never was because of personal reasons. Still I think Kruidvat becomes more and more awesome. In 2012 they stocked up on NYC Cosmetics, and now in 2014 they put Sinful Colors for only €1,99 on the shelf. In the past I payed 4,99 for an Sinful Colors bottle online. That's a huge difference. Besides that, I safe shippingcosts now.'

'Its funny. Past year I talked about the NYX polishes I found at the Douglas, (the post is <here>) and I really hoped Douglas should also come up with Sinful Colors. Now, almost a year later, good old Kruidvat stocked them. However, I only found them in my biggest Kruidvat, so probably you won't find them in the smaller stores. Seems my prayers are heard, with regard to bring Sinful colors to Holland.'

'Pic is taken by myself with my Sony Ericsson Xperia Mobile Phone, so bare with me.'

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