Saturday, December 31, 2011

Random Messages ~ ^_^ Enjoy the 2012 Fireworks... ^_^ 2011

'I can't believe that 2011 is over... Feels for me time goes so fast... I want to wish all my ShoppingHunt followers, blogreaders, Youtube Subscribers, and Facebook friends an healthy, rich, beautiful, and happy 2012! It's an honor for me to present you my video's and blogposts... I hope you girls and guys have an safe New Years Evening. Enjoy the fireworks!' 
'Love, GlitterKitty/ SJM.' 

'Before I forgot: I want to mention that I reached 200 visitors on 30-12-2011. I'm so happy with that! I hope to get more visitors in 2012 offcourse, but this is cool... 200 visitors from 25 countries within 3 months. Seriously your support means a lot to me.'

Friday, December 30, 2011

Wishlists ~ Favorite Findings 2011

'I came across so many cool stuffies this year, omfgh. I had to make a wishlist about my favorite findings for 2011.' 

'I want to start off with something ridiculous expensive. Like some of you maybe know I'm not only a Epica fan. I'm also fan from Aerosmith for ages now. I think I start to like Aerosmith around 1993 when the album Get A Grip came out.'

'Anyway, I came across this ubercool Aerosmith ring. As you might see, this piece of jewelry is very expensive. I think to be honest that I never get my hands on this cool thing. But omfgh, it's defenately one of my favorite findings for 2011.'

'Another favorite finding is the newest album from Epica, called Requiem For The Indifferent. And yes, I finally found a 'face' for this album. Requiem For The Indifferent isn't released yet. It should be released in March 2012.'

'I also found this year a cool jewelry site called To February. Offcourse I needed to put some cool pieces of jewelry on this list. For prices, you can search their site.' ^_^
Piggy Necklace
Cow Pendant

'Another cool jewelry site is Go I think I have most of my favorites there. For prices you can search their site as well.'
Spiderweb Earrings
Vintage Flower Drop Earring
Vintage Adjustable Insect Ring
Antique Hollowed Butterfly Ring

'Lastly, is this cool Nailpolish rack from Deco Nailpolsh Racks. Yeah, I know, I post this earlier. It's still one of my favorite findings this year. You will find my earlier post about this Nailpolish Rack here.'

'I don't own these pics, thanks to their owner.' ^_^

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Purchases ~ Saffron London Nailpolishes

'A while ago I found Saffron London Nailpolishes in an typical cheap ass Dutch shop called "Op=Op Voordeelshop". I didn't seen this brand in Holland before, but I heard about it.'

Colors: Black #10, Metallic Purple #63, Baby Blue #53 and White #11 (I think my Memory Card is dying now...)

'I picked up a few colors to try out, and I started to buy one for 1,99. Later on I bought also a couple more with their special deal: buy 3 for 5. You will safe 1 this way, but I thought first see if these polishes are a little good. And they are. Especially the covering from the creme ones are awesome. I didn't try them on my nails yet, so I can't tell you a lot about chipping, but I noticed that these polishes are drying pretty quik too. Not very quik, but quik enough for me.'

'I have no idea what was wrong with my camera/ old skool one gig memory card when I took these pics, so excuse me for how some pics came out. If I check them on my camera everything's fine, till I put them on my computer... then the errors showing up.... Anyway here are some quik swatches. On the pic I did just one coat of every color.'

'Pics are taken by myself on my way too small make up dresser at night.'

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Purchases ~ Some Random Things December

'During december I picked up some random things. Things wich I ran out of, or random things where I bought  not that much from. So please sit back, and be inspired.' 

'First two things I desperately needed to buy are these Nailpolish remover from my local Dutch drugstore Etos and Moisturizing Handcream also from the Etos. I can't say nothing special about them, only that the remover was €0,98 and the handcream €1,99. That handcream smells really good, a little flowery and girlie. I like it.'

'Next thing I purchased by accident. I didn't plan to buy it, but I do like this Nailpolish colour by Mavala. It's in number 176 Racing Green, and I didn't use it yet. I think it's an pretty Christmassy colour. I purchased it also at Etos for €4,95.'

'I ran out of a lot perfumes lately. So I thought it was time for a new perfume. This perfume I sniffed by accident, and I really like how the scent came out on my skin. It's from Christina Aguilera and called By Night. I love the little black rose on the neck of the bottle as well. Christina perfumes are available in almost every Dutch drugstore, and I paid for mine €14,95/ 15ml bottle.'

'I also decided to pick up an new skin moisturizer, and I picked this one from Essence. It's their mattifying one, and it smells like lychee and blue grape. I allready tried their toner in the same scent, and I like how it refresh  my skin when I used that toner. This skincare range is very cheap, the moisturizer and the toner is €1,99 each and is available in Dutch drugstores Kruidvat and Trekpleister.'

'Lastly I want to share with you girls, that december was an jellybean month for me. You can buy jellybeans in Holland at grocerystore Albert Heijn (AH) for €1,49/ 200grams. I purchased at least every week one bag of those goddes but evil things...' ^_^

'Pics are taken by myself on my way too small make up dresser at night.'

Monday, December 26, 2011

Collections ~ Eyeshadow Collection 2011

'Continue with my eyeshadow collection. I have brands like Catrice, Sleek, the 28 Neutral Palette, Ben Nye, MUA, NYX and Elf. Sadly enough my close up pics aren't that good, so I throw them away. I only have this picture, wich don't even show you my Catrice Big City Life Palettes.'

'I have here some older pictures from my MUA and Sleek. I also have a post with swatches from MUA, and a post with swatches of my Catrice Big City Life Palettes. I don't have the time for making new pics at the moment. Oh well, better luck next time. I still hope I give you an idea of my eyeshadow collection.'
Sleek Au Naturel Palette
Sleek Bohemian Palette
Sleek Monaco Palette
Sleek Sunset Palette

'Pics taken by myself on my way too small make up dresser at night, except the pic with all the eyeshadows, wich was taken on my bed at night.' ^_^

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Random Message ~ Ho, ho, ho... 2011

'Merry Christmas! I hope you have a wonderfull christmas days... My feonce should be home from the hospital with the 1st Christmas Dinner. The 2nd Christmas Dinner should be in the hospital, I should eat there too. And upcoming tuesday the 27th my feonce is coming home... As you might know, my feonce ended up a week ago in the hospital. After a few tests it seems he have Diabetes Type One. For the actual post, click here.'

'I hope you have also an safe New Years Eve... I thought to skip the Holidays this year, but it seems it should be good. I'm happy my love is coming home.' ^_^ 

My love as Reindeer/ Part of the Christmas Tree/ Idiot, picture taken between 1- 15 december 2011 before he ended up in the hospital... he look way better now, I promise ^_^ 

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Purchases ~ A few Catrice Cosmetics thingies

'A couple of days/ weeks ago there was a discount of 30% for the Catrice Cosmetics stuffies at my local Dutch drugstore Trekpleister. So I grab the opportunity, and bought a few things. I can't tell you exactly how much I spent, cause I lost my receipt.'

'Anyway. First thing I defenately needed was a new mascara, so I picked up this "Our best volume ever" mascara. I didn't try it out yet, but here are some pics of the brush.'

'Next one I picked up is this Lipappeal Lipgloss in #120 Berry Good. This Lipgloss was a while ago on my Catrice Cosmetics Wishlist. I love this soft purple color. I wore this allready a few times over an purple lipstick, and it looked great. Here are some pics and the swatch of it.'

'Next are a couple of Precision Lipliners and a Precision Eyeliner. I'm happy with both. You could, like the package says, make very precise lines. I like the subtile result. It finishes your look, or it makes your lipstick last longer without an harsh line around your mouth. Again, here are some pictures.'
Seriously. I had to rub hard to get it off...

'And this was it allready. Very tiny purchase, but I love the stuffies I got. Hope you liked it, and have a nice day.' ^_^ 

'Pics are taken by myself on my way too small make up dresser at night.'

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