Sunday, December 4, 2011

Random Messages ~ Photo Camera Error

'Just a quik message to let you know that I'm planning to get an new photo and video camera. With planning I mean that I am able to pick up an better camera at my in- laws. My in- laws just bought an new photo and video camera, so  they give their "old" camera to my feonce and me.'

'My old camera still works, but my battery charger exploded... so I can't charge the battery from my current camera that well. The battery also warped during the last charge session, so it's really the end of my battery charger now. I also need to buy some new  memory cards, cause in the past I broke a few.... and it's so handy if I have a back up of those cards...'

'So if you wonder why I post upcoming days/ weeks a lot without my own pics and more posts where it isn't necessary to put own pics in, you know why...' ^_^

'I don't own the pics in this post... thanks to their owner...' 

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