Monday, December 19, 2011

Random Message ~ My Feonce Ended Up At The Hospital Last Sunday... :(

'Just an quik message to let you all know that I'm doing fine... only my feonce didn't felt so good last sunday. I mean, he wasn't allready that healthy the whole past week, but sunday it became really bad. On his request I called the emergency help. We could come directly that morning, and after a long day of tests it seems he's having diabetes type one... wich is a little weird in my opinion, cause most people should be born with it... why isn't it seen while he was a little baby? Anyway, he need to stay for a few days in the hospital, and I have no idea when he can come home. Fingers crossed if he's back around Christmas...'

'Then I have another quik thing... I found an old skool one gig memorycard in my bedroom... yay! I can finally shot some nice pics of my purchases now... so prepared for a little bunch of stuffies a got during december...' ^_^ 

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