Monday, April 30, 2012

Projects ~ QueensDay Inspired Eyes with Sleek Sunset Palette

'I made another eyelook this morning, this time I was inspired by the Dutch tradition Queensday, wich is on the 30th april. On Queensday everything's red, white and blue, but mostly a lot people dress themselves with orange crowns, shawls, or other orange related clothes/ fashion. So mostly my eyes are orange.' 

'Here's everything I used, and how I used it. I used mostly my Sleek Sunset palette.'
28 Neutrals palette, first row, first color, light peachy color inner corners of the eye, and underneath the eye on the waterline
Orange color from the Sunset palette by Sleek over the lid
Red also from the Sleek Sunset Palette lightly blended in other V. It's the second color of the palette. In real life this red is a little deeper
Under my brows I added Ben Nye in white
The blue color of the Sunset Palette I used as a liner
I finished this look with this red Lipstick by Essence (disc.) and little black mascara
I have this orange/ peachy nailpolish on my nails, wich you can also find <here>

'Here are some full face pics. I agree, it's looks a little ridiculous, but believe me, on Queensday you need to be a little crazy.' 

'Pics are taken by myself in the morning with my Sony Ericsson Xperia Mobile Phone camera, so bare with me.'

Projects ~ QueensDay Nails with Attitude Nailpolish Life Of The Party

'A little while ago, I purchased Attitude Nailpolishes at Alice & Jo Online Beautystore. One of the colors I picked, was Life Of The Party. And because it's Queensday here in Holland, I decided to paint my nails in this orange/ peachy color. Please forgive me my not so neat painted nails. What do you think?'

'This is only one coat. I love the coverage from Attitude Nailpolishes. And they are fast dry, wich is also a plus. Without an topcoat Attitude doesn't stay long on the nails, but with an topcoat everything's fine. At least in my case.' 

'Happy Queensday to all of my Dutch readers!' 

'Pics are taken at night with my sony Ericsson Xperia Mobile Phone.'

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Purchases ~ Catrice Ultimate Laquers Wide Brush

'Yay, finally I completed/ updated my Catrice Ultimate Laquers Collection! These polishes didn't came in one day, I collected them from the moment they came out. In upcoming weeks, I will post swatches for my Projects. I wish I did swatches earlier, but first things first, I planned a lot of concerts. I have allready swatched one Catrice Ultimate Laquer with the wide brush <here>.'
Catrice Ultimate Laquers (wide brush)
Go to GlitterKitty's Favorite!
(from left under, till left on top)
- 690 Fred Said Red
- 700 Birdy Reloaded!
- 710 Dulce&Havanna
- 720 Bruno Brownani
- 740 King Of Greens
- 770 Put Lavender On Agenda
- 780 Welcome To Roosywood
- 790 The Pink And The Brain
- 800 Heavy Metallilac
- 810 ACid/DC
- 820 Pimp My Shrimp
- 830 Salmon& Garfunkel
- 840 Genius In A Bottle
- 850 Aretha's R-E-S-P-I-N-K
- 860 Browno Mars
'Pic taken by myself with my Sony Ericsson Xperia Mobile Phone, so bare with me.'

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Reviews ~ Finished Products April 2012

'Another month so fast gone, time for the finished products of april 2012. I did finished a couple of things, and I also finished some stuffs wich I had enough off, to be honest.'

'First I finished was this Jardins Du Monde Douchecreme in Almond from Yves Rocher. This douchecreme is one of my favorite douchecremes. It was also very cheap, with discount is was only 1,50. Catalogue price is 3.'

'These two lipbalms in almond also from Yves Rocher. For some reason my lips where very dry this month. I purchased these for only 1 a piece. Catalogue price is 2,50. Yves Rocher changed the packages of these lipbalms a while ago. These lipbalm feel so soft on the lips, defenately one of my favorite basic things. I'm also done with these two lipsticks in Peche and Mure. As you notice I don't completely finished both, cause I became sick of the crayon scent. I'm not going to repurchase these, cause I don't like the consistency and the smell. Catalogue price is 7,95, with discount I paid 4,95. Still pricey and not worth it. Their Creme Lipsticks are better.'

'Next I finished these two perfums. First was by Yves Rocher in Comme Une Evidence, wich I liked. This was the travelsize, and I got this a long long while ago. I have no idea if Yves Rocher still sell the travelsize. I don't know how much I paid for it. The second perfume bottle is a BonneBell Bottled Emotion in Flirty. I also got this for a long time now, and I don't know what the price was.'

'I also finished an topcoat and an basecoat, wich are available at the Action in Holland. I paid only 0,45 each, and I'm repurchasing these for years now, just because they are so cheap. The products are doing the job, so for the price I can't complain.'

'Lastly I finished this Perfecta Mask wich was send by Karolina. You can find my thoughts about the mask <here>. Also finished a Catrice Allround Mascara in black, wich I'm not going to repurchase anymore, cause it doen't anything for my lashes. Price of the mascara was around 2-5.'

'Pics are taken at night with my Sony Ericsson Xperia Mobile phone at night, so bare with me.'

Friday, April 27, 2012

Wishlists ~ Finger Paints Nailpolishes

'Time for another wishlist. This time the wishlist is for the nailpolish brand Finger Paints. We can't buy this brand in Holland, I think it's mostly an USA brand. I hope this brand should be sold here in Holland once, just like Sinful Colors wich is here for sale at some webshops.' 

'Here's my list of colors I want to try.'
Tiffany Imposter

Purple Palette
Free Form Fawn
 Art You wondering?
Don't Make A Scene

'I think their names are super cute, and painting related. Hopefully someone will swap with me once, or Fingerpaints should be sold here.' 

'Pics are screenshotted from, I don't own the pics, so thanks to their owners. Logo Fingerpaints cutted out from this pic beneath, used Gimp.'

Thursday, April 26, 2012

(Nail Art) Prizes/ Giveaways ~ nailXchanges Birthday Giveaway

'Just want to let you girls quikly know about nailXchanges Birthday Giveaway. You can enter here <Enter Me>. Goodluck everyone!'

'Pic taken from Thanks to the owner.'

Projects ~ Operation Nourishing Mask

'A while ago, I guess way before Easter arrived, I tried out a mask wich was send to me by Karolina, better known as Youtuber Ohfaciq. I used that mask on my parchment (hollows) face. Here are my thoughts about that mask.' 
'Let me girls tell you why my skin felt like parchment. I came across an Youtube video by Youtuber Love4Nails. She uploaded a video about her things wich make her life easier, and she mentioned an little face scrubber. So dummy as I was, I looked at my face, and I thought: "Yuck those little blackheads in my pores, you know what, I need to scrub my face very well...." 
Instead of buying an official face scrubber like hers, I thought that a face scrubber like that wasn't necessary, so yeah, I used an washcloth with, now comes the smart part, showergel. No idea what I was thinking to use just an washcloth and showergel on my face, but you girls guess it allready: This was my reason for having such an parchemnt face. In the future, I will buy that face scrubber with an official facewash, believe me.
After that, I thought: "Stop crying, this is such an good reason to try out that Nourishing Facemask by Perfecta wich Karolina send me." So here it is: Operation Nourishing Mask.'

The mask package cut open

'I can tell you, this mask feel so soft on the skin. It smells like honey. The consistency is white and a little thick.'

'After I wipe it off with an cottonpad, my skin felt softer, but my parchment problem wasn't completely solved. I used this mask somewhere in March. My skin is still an dry mess, but it isn't at least like parchment any more. With parchment I mean that you can see up close hollows, so the hollows in my face disappeared, but my dryness isn't completely gone.' 

How the consistency looks on my skin

Oh yeah, full face, why not?

'Pics are taken by myself at night. Camera used: Sony Ericsson Xperia Mobile Phone, so please bare with me.'

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