Monday, October 31, 2011

Wishlists ~ Decopolish Racks

'Omfgh, I'm hunting for an nailpolishrack for ages... until today. Today I found the perfect nailpolish rack for me, because... it has an purple decoration. And like everyone allready seen, purple is my all time favorite colour...' 

'I need to say thank you against the person who brought me at Decopolishracks.comHer name is Charity AKA ❤£ø£ø❤ on Youtube, and her blog is 3Dnailart.' 

'I love these kind of nailpolish racks, especially because they have an decoration around it. A rack costs at Decopolish Racks around $80, for an rack wich holds 60- 65 polishes, depending on the brands. Here a couple of other decorations.'

'I defenately want the purple one. In future Decopolish Racks will make some racks wich fit around 90 nailpolishes, so hopefully I get my hands on them.' ^_^ 

Random Message ~ Trick or Treat 2011

'Just a Random Message to let you all know, it's Halloween! In wiccan ways, Halloween should be called Samhain, the Festival of the Death. During Samhain we commemorate our family, friends and our beloved ones who  passed away.'

'Personally I don't celebrate Halloween in the Netherlands like Trick or Threating alongside doors, but I do burn a candle for the beloved ones who passed away. You can say that I commemorate my brother who passed away from cancer. I 'celebrate' Halloween or Samhain more the Wiccan Way.'
Samhain Candles for my brother, picture taken 31-10-2007

'It doesn't matter if you are Trick or Threating, burning candles or even when you're dancing underneath the moonlight this year... Just be safe and have fun!' ^_^ 

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Wishlists ~ Catrice Cosmetics

'I think it isn't slip your mind, but I love a lot from cosmetics brand Catrice. Time for a wishlist. I don't think I have a lot of crazy Catrice wishes. Most Catrice wishes are a little basic, just a few eyepencils and foundation types if I'm running out of my old eyepencils and foundation.'

'Let's start with some Catrice foundations I defenately want to try out.'
Infinite Matt Up to 18h Make Up 040 Bronze Beige
Photo Finish Liquid Foundation 18h 030 Caramel Beige

'My skin looks shiney sometimes, so I think Infinite Matt Up Foundation is worth a try. The other one is the Photo Finish Liquid Foundation, for if my current foundation is finished. To be honest, I don't use a lot of foundation, but sometimes my skin needs an colour boost when my skin looks dull, red, or stressed out.  Another face product I want to try, is their Defining Duo Blush. Personally for me it's very hard to find an good matte blush, cause I don't want to end up like a discoball...'
Defining Duo Blush 020 Peach Sorbet
Defening Duo Blush 040 Chocolate Cream

'Catrice changed their 'automatic' eyeliner currently, so when my old ones are finished, I defenately want to pick up their newer packages. I do own a couple of their 'automatic' lipliners allready (called Precision Lipliners) and I like them, so I want to give their newer eyeliners a try as well.'
Precision Eyeliner 020 Like A Grayer

'Offcourse I also want to try a couple of their new eyeshadow colours. To be honest, Catrice eyeshadows aren't a part of my favorite eyeshadows, but some of them are pretty. And some out of their colour range I don't own yet, so worth a try. I want to buy one Duo eyeshadow cause I tried the other brown Duo eyeshadow they got, but I think the brown one is too dark for my taste. So that's why I want to try the other brown Duo wich is lighter.'
Absolute Eye Colour Mono 330 I Think I've Green You Before
Absolute Eye Colour Mono 360 We Still Support Green Peas
Absolute Eye Colour Mono 420 Talk Like An Egyptian
Absolute Colour Duo 080 Help! I'm Stranded

'Lastly, I have this Gel Eyeliner on my wishlist. I'm not that familiar with gel eyeliner yet, so it's time to change that. I'm not a big star when it comes to eyeliners. Dip eyeliners or other old skool eyeliners always fails on me, so hopefully gelliners will work.'
Gel Eyeliner 010 Jack Black With Black Jack
Gel Eyeliner Brush

'So far my wishlist for Catrice. I do allready own all Catrice's Ultimate Laquers so far, so I don't need to mention them right now. Catrice has also a Nude Nailpolish Collection, but I'm not so attracted for that collection. Who knows what I want more from Catrice in the future.'  ^_^ 

'I don't own these pictures from Catrice. I screenshotted these pics from the official Catrice site.'

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Friday, October 28, 2011

Random Message ~ GlitterKitty Talks

'Just a quik random message to let you all know, that I placed my short Bio from GlitterKitty. You will find my special Bio Page Here.'

'This is my way to tell you something about myself, and how I got be jammed here...'


Thursday, October 27, 2011

Purchases ~ Catrice Limited Edition Big City Life

'After a long hunt in my 'city', I finally found Catrice latest Limited Edition Big City Life. Seriously, I walked by everyday past two weeks in my 3 local Dutch drugstores: my two Trekpleisters and my big Kruidvat above my huge grocerystore, where only people from all around my district doing their groceries.'
'I end up at my huge Kruidvat, and bought the whole collection with an major discount. I paid for the whole lot €24,66 instead of €37,96 wich is in my opinion amazing. If you bought two products you got an discount of 35%. On to the products itself.'
London Palette
Berlin Palette
Sydney Palette
New York Palette

'I love my Big City Life eye and cheek palettes... Sydney and New York are my favorites. Most eyeshadow colours are very shimmery, but I like them a lot. Every palette contains two blushes and six eyeshadows The package of these palettes reminds me of Urban Decay palettes. The texture is soft and very smooth to apply. And the pigmentation is very good too. Every eyeshadow/ blush kit comes with an little eye pencil and spongetip applicator, wich is cute. Now I need to see how long they last, so I need to give that a try. They are €6,99 at full price each. Moving on to their Nailpolishes.'

'These nailpolishes reminds me of colours from Catrice's regular line. However, I love these colours. I can't find some good dupes for them from Catrice's regular line right now, but I'm sure they excist. On the pictures I did two swatches on a white practise nail, so the coverage seems to be oke. These nailpolishes are quik dry. I can't say anything about chipping and lasttime right now. They are €2,49 each at full price.'

'Excuse me for my crappy pictures on some points. Pictures are taken on my way too small make up dresser at daylight.' ^_^

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Collections ~ Lipgloss Collection 2011

'Time for my Lipgloss Collection. Not that I have a lot. Like I said earlier I'm more a lipstick girl. I think it's also time for an Lipgloss Wishlist, hmmm... anyhow, let's move on to the lipglosses I have at this moment.'
Catrice Colourshow and Lipappeal Lipglosses (swatches available here)
Essence Stay With Me Longlasting Lipglosses (swatches available here)
Random Mostly-In-America-Available Lipglosses (BonneBell Liplites swatches here, LA Colors, Revlon Super Lustrous, NYX Megashine in Iced Latte)
Manhattan Tasty Lips Lipglosses (not Available anymore in my country, bought them 5-6 years ago...  don't use them anymore, but I'm a little sentimental about these) and MNY Lipgloss
CO Bigalow Mentha Lipshine Rootbeer and Beauty Blitz

'Favorite lipglosses are Catrice Colourshow, some Essence ones, and the NYX Megashine one. Defenately want to purchase more NYX Megashine Lipglosses in the future. Like I said, I don't have ridiculous much in comparison with my Lipsmackers Insanity... but it's just to give you girls an idea of what I like.'

'Excuse me for the crappy pictures sometimes. Pictures are taken at night on my way too small make up dresser.'  ^_^

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