Sunday, October 23, 2011

Favorites ~ Catrice Ultimate Shine Lipsticks

'The last time I had an Favorite blogpost, I talked about the Catrice Ultimate Colour Lipsticks and the Catrice Colourshow Lipglosses. Today we're going to talk about the Catrice Ultimate Shine Lipsticks. I also like these lipsticks, but it seems these lipsticks last less longer then the Ultimate Colour Lipsticks. Ultimate Shine Lipsticks could be used up to 18 months, while the Ultimate Colour ones could be used up to 36 months, and that while they have the same price wich is €4 each in my drugstore.'

'Here a pic with the 8 shades I own. This kind of shades makes it really hard to photograph them... even the package is hard to get on pic. Anyway, here are my 3 favorite Ultimate Shine Lipsticks.'
1 #040 Berry Me! (photo 3 is the real colour, swatch is close too)
2 #050 Simply Rosewood (hmmm, I forgot to make a close up of the stick... but the swatch is good)
3 #090 Foxnox (swatch and pic 2 seems to be the true colour)

'Berry Me! did I backed up allready, it's for sure my favorite of the bunch. I don't need to back up Simply Rosewood yet, cause I own 02 Elisabeth from the Urban Baroque Collection. But if I finished the back ups from that colour I want to back up Simply Rosewood for sure. Fox Nox is also a favorite but I'm not for sure if I get through it. I'm not wearing a lot coral/ peachy/ copper kind of colours and if I do in summertime. Maybe I should wear that kind of colours in Fall too. Anyhow, here are my other colours I own in no particular order.'
#020 Metal Dust
# 030 Rose 'n Gun (picture 3 and the swatch are good)
#170 Play The Plum (again picture 3 and the swatch is also pretty close)
#100 Falling Leaves (very orange here, in real life there's more a hint of copper)
#140 Stoplight (true colour picture 3)

'Like I said, these shades are very hard to photograph.They smell like vanilla, wich is oke. Stoplight is discontinued so far as I know. There should be more shades discontinued, but I don't know wich colours are also discontinued. Like I said, these lipsticks retail also for €4 wich is a good price. However, I like the Ultimate Colour Lipsticks more, cause these last longer in time for the same price.' 

'Excuse me very much for the crappy pics on some points. I need to get rid of that bloody red background. *sigh* I'm working on that.' ^_^

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