Thursday, October 27, 2011

Purchases ~ Catrice Limited Edition Big City Life

'After a long hunt in my 'city', I finally found Catrice latest Limited Edition Big City Life. Seriously, I walked by everyday past two weeks in my 3 local Dutch drugstores: my two Trekpleisters and my big Kruidvat above my huge grocerystore, where only people from all around my district doing their groceries.'
'I end up at my huge Kruidvat, and bought the whole collection with an major discount. I paid for the whole lot €24,66 instead of €37,96 wich is in my opinion amazing. If you bought two products you got an discount of 35%. On to the products itself.'
London Palette
Berlin Palette
Sydney Palette
New York Palette

'I love my Big City Life eye and cheek palettes... Sydney and New York are my favorites. Most eyeshadow colours are very shimmery, but I like them a lot. Every palette contains two blushes and six eyeshadows The package of these palettes reminds me of Urban Decay palettes. The texture is soft and very smooth to apply. And the pigmentation is very good too. Every eyeshadow/ blush kit comes with an little eye pencil and spongetip applicator, wich is cute. Now I need to see how long they last, so I need to give that a try. They are €6,99 at full price each. Moving on to their Nailpolishes.'

'These nailpolishes reminds me of colours from Catrice's regular line. However, I love these colours. I can't find some good dupes for them from Catrice's regular line right now, but I'm sure they excist. On the pictures I did two swatches on a white practise nail, so the coverage seems to be oke. These nailpolishes are quik dry. I can't say anything about chipping and lasttime right now. They are €2,49 each at full price.'

'Excuse me for my crappy pictures on some points. Pictures are taken on my way too small make up dresser at daylight.' ^_^


  1. Great swathces! Thank you sooo much! Still drooling when I see the palettes, LOL

  2. Oh, I forgot to say that the packaging is really cute =D
    I just realize that the nail polish have same colour with the packaging. Love it!

  3. Yeah that's why I love Catrice LE's so much =D


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