Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wishlists ~ Inglot Cosmetics

'The next brand where I have a wishlist for, is Inglot. Every guru on Youtube is raging about Inglot, wich makes me curious. These brand isn't cheap either, but I heard that especially the Freedom System is a good investment. I have no idea about prices to be honest, but one of the guru's told me that you need to think of $60 for a big Freedom System palette.'

'Offcourse I selected a palette from the Freedom System. I choose for the square version of the pans.'

'Because I'm not a big fan of lipgloss in a palette, I choose my favorite eyeshadows colours. Here are the eyeshadow colors I like to put in my Freedom palette. I know they are round here, but it seems they have the square version too. Most of them are matte. The last one is pearl, I choose that colour, cause I'm on the hunt for an good pigmented red eyeshadow.'

'Like I said, I'm an lipstick girl, so I had to choose at least two lipsticks. I am not for sure about their finishes, but these ones seems to be cream or matte.'

'Like some of you maybe allready know, I do Nail Art on Youtube, so I decided I want to try some nailpolishes from Inglot too. I'm talking about their Pastel Enamel and their Nail Art Enamel. I love pastels a lot, and in my eyes it seems that this Nailpolish Collection is the best from Inglot's nailpolishes.'

'So far my wishlist for Inglot. I don't think I get these goodies ever, cause just like I don't have a MAC counter or MAC store in my city, I also don't have a Inglot Counter or Inglot Store. So fingers crossed if I get these.'  ^_^

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