Saturday, October 22, 2011

Favorites ~ Catrice Colourshow and Lip Appeal Lipglosses

'I want to share you some other favorites, this time we talk about some favorite lipglosses, the Catrice Colourshow Lipglosses. I like the Catrice Lipappeal Lipglosses too, but I don't like shiney lips that much, so I reach for my Colourshow Lipglosses more. I own only one Lipappeal Lipgloss at this moment. Overall I love lipsticks more then lipgloss, so it's a kind of special that I have some favorite lipglosses. Here my overview of the Catrice ones.'
'Yups, only one Lipappeal Lipgloss from Catrice. To give you an impression of the brush, here it is:'
'The brush is an spongetip applicator kind of type, and looks a little awkward. You need to practise a little before application is going well. On to the swatches of the Colourshow Lipglosses.'
#040 Strike A Pose!
#050 Purple Reign
#060 Little Red Dress
#090 No. 9 is Mine
#120 Pearl Jam

'Purple Reign is discontinued. I think they put in place Pearl Jam, since these are bot purples. I'm so sad they discontinued Purple Reign. In real life this colour is more on the purple/ lilac side, not pink. Like I said in my earlier post about the Essence glosses, Little Red Dress is my favorite red lipgloss I ever own. Colourshow Lipglosses should be last long, 4 hours according to the package. I don't believe lipgloss stay on very long, but that's why it's called lipgloss. If I want an longlasting colour on my lips, I will put on some lipstick.
Now on to my only Lipappeal Lipgloss I own. Lipappeal Lipglosses have the same kind of awkward spongetip applicator.'
#060 Coralista

'Like you allready noticed, Lipappeal Lipglosses are made for shine. For a regular kind of lipgloss, Lipappeal Lipgloss seems to be pigmented as well. Not that much, but Coralista gives me a hint of peachy/ coral tint to my lips. My eye fell on another shade I want to buy: #120 Berry Good. But I don't own that colour yet.'

'This was it for my Catrice Lipglosses right now. If I decide to buy more of these, you will see it defenately back in a Purchases post.'  

Note: 'I'm sorry for the crappy pictures on some points. Pictures taken on my way too small make up dresser, when the night fell in.' ^_^

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