Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Reviews ~ Finished Products August 2012

'I know, I know, it's a little early for my finished products, but I thought let's put it out there cause I'm affraid to forget it the rest of this week. You see, I have a few more things to do the upcoming days. Anyway, let's dig into this.'

'First two things I finished was a conditioner by John Frieda. I got this in a hairpaint set, but the foam wich was inside spill al over the package... the only thing wich was still intact and usefull was the conditioner, and I used it up this month. I got that set from John Frieda to review past year, but for some reason I forgot it. I didn't like it though. I'm not a big hair conditioner fan, cause it makes my hair greasy most of the time. And maybe you had only to use it with the hairpaint.
The other thing is a Yves Rocher Flower Party Summer Showergel, wich I got with my last purchase for free last month. I love the flowery scent, but I don't want to purchase a big bottle, cause it's too girly for my taste.'

'Then I used up this Allround Concealer by Catrice, wich was only 2,79. I don't plan to re- purchase it, cause personally I need to mix the skin colors, and I don't like to mix my make up most of the time. It's so time consuming to get the right shade. I wrote allready some info down in my Brand Loves And Hates Post about Catrice, wich you can find <here>.
The other thing I used up was this Catrice Eyeshadowduo in Underneath the Purple Rain. Exally I cheated on this one a little bit, I did not used it up fairly cause I dropped it by accident. I can't repurchase it cause it's discontinued. A Catrice duo is around 3,79, a bit pricey, cause I didn't like the duo's that much. (see also my Brands Loves And Hates post).'

'Next up is a package of Action Duo Cotton Pads for 0,52. I can't say much about it. They do the job if we talk about clean up the make up on my face. Mostly I grab these because they are so cheap.'

'Offcourse I'd finished also two Max Lips lipsticks from the Action. A package of two is 0,89, wich makes it 0,45 each. I'm getting slowly enough of these, cause the package isn't that great. Past month I crushed one in my lipkit, so I don't keep them in there anymore. But the consistensy is okay and some colors are nice. What do we else expected from a cheap lippie like these?'

'Lastly I finished my monthly lipbalm from Yves Rocher in Grape wich I got for 1, instead the 2,50 catalogue price. Yves Rocher changed the package on these, and they where okay. I also use their almond one.
The other item is by Sasa and also discontinued wich makes me sad. I got this Banana Lipcare lipbalm four years ago, But I started using this two years ago because they discontinued it allready, and I was affraid to finish it so quikly. Cause this thing smells so good! I'm a sucker for banana scents, and this one was perfect. So sad I couldn't find it on anymore... I can't remember the price, but it was around 4-5 I bet.'

'So far my Finished Products of August. I hope this was a little helpfull, and I talk to you next month.'

'Pics are taken by myself with my Sony Ericsson Mobile Phone, so bare with me.'

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Projects ~ Cracled Week with my Nails

'Past week I was in a crackly mood. I painted my nails in a froggie green, and over top of it I had an purple crackle. I liked this look, so I had to share it.'

'The froggie green is by Ivsty a Spanish brand. For a swatch about that color alone, click <here> and scroll all the way down. The purple crackle is by Max Nails, wich is the cheapest brand from Holland. (but not always the best).'

'Pics are taken by myself with my Sony Ericsson Mobile Phone, so bare with me.'

Friday, August 24, 2012

Purchases ~ Wynie Eyeshadows at the 1001 Voordeelshop

'Offcourse I had to go back to the 1001 Voordeelshop to pick up their eyeshadows by Wynie Cosmetics. Wynie is a brand from Spain, and I tried their Nailpolishes earlier, click <here> for that post. It took me a little while to collect and try a few of these eyeshadows, so here it is.'

'The first two colors I picked are #45 and #59. These shadows don't have names, wich doesn't really bother me. The pigmentation makes it all good. The first one #45, is and purply- (in real life in the pan this color is more purple) most reddish color, while #59 is an pretty go-to-the-beach teal blue. Look at the pigment! You don't need to work that hard to get it nice and smooth on the lid. The consistency is so smooth and creamy, I can't believe it. Only be carefull with #45, when you blend a little too hard, you get red everywhere, wich you can see in the picture (inner teardot): I had to clean it up a little... just a little.' ^_^ 
Wynie Eyeshadow #45
Wynie Eyeshadow #59 (Very blended at the 2nd pic, I used to much shadow from my 28 Neutrals Palette. Figured that out while editing this pic. Didn't had a better one, sorry for that)

'The other two colors are #70, wich seems to be in the pan a peachy color, and #72 wich seems to be in the pan a periwinkle blue. These two surprised me the most, especially #70... when I stepped into the natural light, this peachy coral color turns into a gorgeous yellowish- gold... omfgh so stunning. You can see the colorchange back in the picture: under the eye it's yellow-gold while on my lid gloams a little of the peachyness... I love it! The other color, #72 is also surprising, in the pan lavenderish- periwinle, on my lid gloams a little pink, though. Again, with #72 you need to be carefull with the blending, but overall... beautiful!'
Wynie Eyeshadow #70 (the surprise color!!)
Wynie Eyeshadow #72

'I'm really surprised and pleasured by the quality of these eyeshadows. I think in Holland Wynie is an very under- appreciated brand. From my heart and honesty I can tell you girls: Go get you some! For the 1,99 you pay a piece at the 1001 Voordeelshop, it is defenately worth it. If you're not be able flying to Holland, or you live in another Dutch area, just keep your eyes open. Or Google where you can buy this brand in your country. I bet in Spain this brand should be sold at most places. Seriously, this brand is really worth it, trust me. Personally I'm going to pick up some more...' ^_^ 
Without eyeshadow base, and barely touching them... some swatches on my hand ^_^ 

'Pics are taken by myself with my Sony Ericsson Xperia Mobile Phone, so Bare with me.'

Thursday, August 23, 2012

DIY ~ My Notebook with Favorite Cosmetic Brands

'A while back I started a Notebook with my favorite Cosmetic Brands. I think having a notebook like this, is a great way to keep your favorite make up and nailpolish brands organized. It also keeps, if necessary, all the brands you want to repurchase in one place. Here a little sneak peak of how I wrote my notebook.'
Decoration when you open it up
Title Page
Index Page
Title Pages for the Brands
Decoration at almost the end of the book
Decoration at the end of the book

'You can decorate it like however you want, and personalize it your way. Notebooks shouldn't be that expensive, I got mine at the Dutch Action, for only 0,89.

'Pics are taken by myself at night with my Sony Ericsson Xperia Mobile Phone, so bare with me.'

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wishlists ~ Books 2012

'A while back I was on my way at the trainstation. Because of waiting, I sneaked around in a small bookstore over there. On that point I realized that I miss a lot of books from one of my favorite book authors Preston&Child and Stephen King, so I decided to make a book wishlist. Offcourse I have a few other books I want so here it is, my most recent book wishlist at this moment. The Preston&Child and Stephen King ones are easy to find here in Holland and on the internet. I have also a few wich aren't so easy to find. I read mostly in Dutch, so these frontcovers are in Dutch. From some of them I know the English title, but I'm terribly sorry if I don't know what's the English title should be.' 
My bookcase at the moment... please don't look at the mess ^_^ 

'Mostly I like to buy and read pockets, so here's a list with pockets. Pockets are in Holland between 5- 10, most are 7,95.'
Preston&Child ~ Goddeloos (Blasphemy)
Preston&Child ~ Gideon's Wraak (Gideon's Sword)
Preston&Child ~ Gideon's Strijd (Gideon's Corpse)
Stephen King ~ Gevangen (Under The Dome)
Stephen King ~ Razernij (Rage, Carrie 2)
Stephen King ~ Na Zonsondergang (After Sunset)

'I also have a few wich aren't available in pocket yet. Those are mostly 10 and up.'
Stephen King ~ Aardedonker Zonder Sterren
Stephen King ~ Eenmalige Zonde (Blockade Billy)

'And here are a few books I miss wich I like to buy in hardcover or softcover, but aren't pockets. I believe those are 10 - 15 and up.'
Stephen King ~ De Donkere Toren 6 Een Lied Van Susannah (Dark Tower 6 Susannah's Song)
Stephen King ~ De Donkere Toren 7 (Dark Tower 7)
Christopher Paolini ~ Eragon
Christopher Paolini ~ Oudste
Christopher Paolini ~ Brisingr
James Clemens ~ Verboden En Verbannen 2 Het Boek Der Stormen (Banned And The Banished 2 Wit'ch Storm)
James Clemens ~ Verboden En Verbannen 4 Het Boek Der Poorten (Banned And The Banished 4 Wit'ch Gate)
James Clemens ~ Verboden En Verbannen 5 Het Boek Der Sterren (Banned And The Banished 5 Wit'ch Star) 
(From the Banned And The Banished serie I have allready in Dutch Book 1 Wit'ch Fire and Book 3 Wit'ch War, wich I bought at clearance and have other frontcovers then the these newer releases)

'Books wich I read as a child and liked the most. If you search carefully you will find them, but overall most are hard to find. So I have no idea about the prices of these.'
Malika Oulad-Chaara ~ De Tijd Is Een Cirkel (Author from Belgium, if I'm not mistaken)

'Lastly I came across this book in English. Prices depends on where you buy the book.'
Patrice Mc Neal ~ Feyling Duplicity

'Pics are taken from Google, or pics are screenshotted by myself, so thanks to their owners.'

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