Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wishlists ~ Books 2012

'A while back I was on my way at the trainstation. Because of waiting, I sneaked around in a small bookstore over there. On that point I realized that I miss a lot of books from one of my favorite book authors Preston&Child and Stephen King, so I decided to make a book wishlist. Offcourse I have a few other books I want so here it is, my most recent book wishlist at this moment. The Preston&Child and Stephen King ones are easy to find here in Holland and on the internet. I have also a few wich aren't so easy to find. I read mostly in Dutch, so these frontcovers are in Dutch. From some of them I know the English title, but I'm terribly sorry if I don't know what's the English title should be.' 
My bookcase at the moment... please don't look at the mess ^_^ 

'Mostly I like to buy and read pockets, so here's a list with pockets. Pockets are in Holland between 5- 10, most are 7,95.'
Preston&Child ~ Goddeloos (Blasphemy)
Preston&Child ~ Gideon's Wraak (Gideon's Sword)
Preston&Child ~ Gideon's Strijd (Gideon's Corpse)
Stephen King ~ Gevangen (Under The Dome)
Stephen King ~ Razernij (Rage, Carrie 2)
Stephen King ~ Na Zonsondergang (After Sunset)

'I also have a few wich aren't available in pocket yet. Those are mostly 10 and up.'
Stephen King ~ Aardedonker Zonder Sterren
Stephen King ~ Eenmalige Zonde (Blockade Billy)

'And here are a few books I miss wich I like to buy in hardcover or softcover, but aren't pockets. I believe those are 10 - 15 and up.'
Stephen King ~ De Donkere Toren 6 Een Lied Van Susannah (Dark Tower 6 Susannah's Song)
Stephen King ~ De Donkere Toren 7 (Dark Tower 7)
Christopher Paolini ~ Eragon
Christopher Paolini ~ Oudste
Christopher Paolini ~ Brisingr
James Clemens ~ Verboden En Verbannen 2 Het Boek Der Stormen (Banned And The Banished 2 Wit'ch Storm)
James Clemens ~ Verboden En Verbannen 4 Het Boek Der Poorten (Banned And The Banished 4 Wit'ch Gate)
James Clemens ~ Verboden En Verbannen 5 Het Boek Der Sterren (Banned And The Banished 5 Wit'ch Star) 
(From the Banned And The Banished serie I have allready in Dutch Book 1 Wit'ch Fire and Book 3 Wit'ch War, wich I bought at clearance and have other frontcovers then the these newer releases)

'Books wich I read as a child and liked the most. If you search carefully you will find them, but overall most are hard to find. So I have no idea about the prices of these.'
Malika Oulad-Chaara ~ De Tijd Is Een Cirkel (Author from Belgium, if I'm not mistaken)

'Lastly I came across this book in English. Prices depends on where you buy the book.'
Patrice Mc Neal ~ Feyling Duplicity

'Pics are taken from Google, or pics are screenshotted by myself, so thanks to their owners.'

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