Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Reviews ~ Finished Products August 2012

'I know, I know, it's a little early for my finished products, but I thought let's put it out there cause I'm affraid to forget it the rest of this week. You see, I have a few more things to do the upcoming days. Anyway, let's dig into this.'

'First two things I finished was a conditioner by John Frieda. I got this in a hairpaint set, but the foam wich was inside spill al over the package... the only thing wich was still intact and usefull was the conditioner, and I used it up this month. I got that set from John Frieda to review past year, but for some reason I forgot it. I didn't like it though. I'm not a big hair conditioner fan, cause it makes my hair greasy most of the time. And maybe you had only to use it with the hairpaint.
The other thing is a Yves Rocher Flower Party Summer Showergel, wich I got with my last purchase for free last month. I love the flowery scent, but I don't want to purchase a big bottle, cause it's too girly for my taste.'

'Then I used up this Allround Concealer by Catrice, wich was only 2,79. I don't plan to re- purchase it, cause personally I need to mix the skin colors, and I don't like to mix my make up most of the time. It's so time consuming to get the right shade. I wrote allready some info down in my Brand Loves And Hates Post about Catrice, wich you can find <here>.
The other thing I used up was this Catrice Eyeshadowduo in Underneath the Purple Rain. Exally I cheated on this one a little bit, I did not used it up fairly cause I dropped it by accident. I can't repurchase it cause it's discontinued. A Catrice duo is around 3,79, a bit pricey, cause I didn't like the duo's that much. (see also my Brands Loves And Hates post).'

'Next up is a package of Action Duo Cotton Pads for 0,52. I can't say much about it. They do the job if we talk about clean up the make up on my face. Mostly I grab these because they are so cheap.'

'Offcourse I'd finished also two Max Lips lipsticks from the Action. A package of two is 0,89, wich makes it 0,45 each. I'm getting slowly enough of these, cause the package isn't that great. Past month I crushed one in my lipkit, so I don't keep them in there anymore. But the consistensy is okay and some colors are nice. What do we else expected from a cheap lippie like these?'

'Lastly I finished my monthly lipbalm from Yves Rocher in Grape wich I got for 1, instead the 2,50 catalogue price. Yves Rocher changed the package on these, and they where okay. I also use their almond one.
The other item is by Sasa and also discontinued wich makes me sad. I got this Banana Lipcare lipbalm four years ago, But I started using this two years ago because they discontinued it allready, and I was affraid to finish it so quikly. Cause this thing smells so good! I'm a sucker for banana scents, and this one was perfect. So sad I couldn't find it on anymore... I can't remember the price, but it was around 4-5 I bet.'

'So far my Finished Products of August. I hope this was a little helpfull, and I talk to you next month.'

'Pics are taken by myself with my Sony Ericsson Mobile Phone, so bare with me.'

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