Thursday, May 31, 2012

Reviews ~ Finished Products May 2012

'I can't believe May is almost over...Time for another Finished Products Post. I finished quit a lot in my opinion, so here we go.'

'I finished this Essence Pure Skin Anti Spot Toner, wich was 1,99. Not really expensive, but I don't want to repurchase it, because after using this a lot, my skin felt so dry, even after using an face cream.
The other item is an Therme Zen White Lotus Energizing Body Mist, wich was 6,95, a little bit pricey for the amount of product. I sprayed mostly my room with it.'

'Next up I finished a Dove Hair shampoo sample, wich was free. It's the one from the Nourishing Oil Care Line. Because it contains oil, it makes my hair greasy, so better use this one in winter. I have naturally quik fat hair, especially in spring or summer.
The yellow tube was an Arnica SOS Gel. Yves Rocher changed their package of the Arnica products, and the catalogue price is 3,30 I believe. I only paid 1 for it in a sale. What this product does: it cleanse your hands without water, and I think it is also anti bactria. For me this was very handy before I put on facecream.
Last thing of the pic is this Eyeshadowbase from Catrice. It was 3,99, but I don't want to repurchase it, because this product became thick in such an short time. You can use this within 6 months, if I believe the package, but the product thickens within 4 months, wich makes it difficult to use. It feels like cement on the lids, at least in my case.'

'Then I used up some free perfume samples from Hugo Boss and Dolce&Gabbanna. I loved the Hugo Boss one. The Dolce&Gabbanna one was okay, but it isn't me.'

'As always, I used up an Yves Rocher lipbalm in almond, catalogue price is 2,50, I paid 1. Again, Yves Rocher changed the package of these lipbalms. The other lipbalm was an A&W Rootbeer Lipsmacker, wich I can't remember the price.
At the left side of the pic you see two finished Catrice Ultimate Shine lipsticks, wich I don't want to repurchase for now. I think it's more an winter lipstick, because they're so creamy. Price was 3,99. Colors where 050 Simply Rosewood and 040 Berry Me!. The last one is discontinued. As you can see the names and numbers rubbed of the package.'

'So far my finished products of the month May. Quit a bunch. I hope this was a little helpful and inspiring. I talk to you later, and I hope you have an great start of the month June!'

'Pics are taken by myself at night with my Sony Ericsson Xperia Mobile Phone. I'm terribly sorry how the pics came out, I don't know what I did wrong. Probably I had my camera on touch- the- screen- for- taking- a- pic, wich isn't the greatest way to take pics at night.' 

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Projects ~ Different Ways Of Wearing W7 10 Out Of 10 Palette

'Finally I did some looks with my W7 10 Out Of 10 Palette, wich I wrote an purchase with swatches post about it <here>. To give you girls an idea how it looks on the eyes, I used the palette in 4 different looks. So here we go.'

'1st Eyes : Inner corner I used colour #8, on the outer V I used color #10 and under my brows I used color #1. All from this W7 10 Out Of 10 Palette.'
 1st eyes Creamy/ Lilac

'2nd Eyes: Inner corner I used color #2, outer V I used color #3 and under my brows color #9.'
2nd eyes Grey/ Pink (the darkest one isn't an black in my opinion, it's darkgrey)

'3rd Eyes: Inner corner I used color #5, outer V I used color #4, and under my brows I used color #1.'
 3rd eyes Blue's

'4th Eyes: Inner corner I used color #6, outer V I used color #7, and under my brow I used color #8.'
4th eyes Copper/ Natural

'First thing is: the best way to apply the shadows is dabbing the colors in an pressing motion on the lid. Better not smear or drag the color, cause the shadows are easily falling of the brush, and when smearing you get "holes" in your look, so like Eyes #2 and #3. That's probably because of the consistensy, wich isn't that powdery. 
Another thing is to use maybe one or two colors in the same look, no more. Best way to make it look nice is to combine this palette with other brands, because I found out that it blends not easy away, and the result is very shimmery if you use only this palette in one look. But if you are an blending expert with a lot of patient and time, go ahead and use just only this palette in the same look. I'm defenately going to play around more with this palette.'

'Pics are taken by myself with my Sony Ericsson Xperia Mobile Phone Camera, so bare with me.'

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Favorites ~ Budget Toppers Under €5 Spring/ Summer 2012

'Time for another favorites post. This time I want to talk about my favorite budget toppers for Spring/ Summer 2012. So here we go.'

'First thing I'll always come back to, is the bodybutter from Dutch drugstore Kruidvat. It last me a good long time, contains 250ml, and I'll pay only 2,50. I can choose from different scents, wich smells absolutely divine. 
Another item I always rebuy, is my lipbalm from Yves Rocher. Yves Rocher recently changed the packaging of their lipbalms, but they are still 2,50 for catalogue price. Sometimes I can buy these with an discount, so it is not so bad. 
Then I recently discovered also an cleansingmilk by ByPhasse, wich you can buy at the Dutch Op=Op Voordeelshop. For 500ml with pump, I paid only 2,25. It makes my skin soft and it doesn't irritate my skin. Great product.'
Kruidvat Bodybutter
ByPhasse Cleansingmilk

'An item wich always come back too, are the Catrice Ultimate Laquers. I collect them for at least 3 years now. Coverage is great, it last pretty well, doesn't stain, and there are loads of colors to choose from. You can find my entire collection <here>. I only pay 2,50 for a bottle, and sometimes my local drugstores gives buy one get one free, so that will make my day for sure.
The other things from Catrice I love, are their Colourshow Lipsticks and Colourshow Lipglosses. The lipsticks smells like candy wich I like, great coverage, and is very creamy. The lipglosses aren't sticky at all, have an great pigmentation, and smells good too. The Colourshow Lipsticks are 3,99, the Colourshow Lipglosses are 3,79.'

'Two- three years ago I wasn't an huge fan of the Max Lipsticks, wich I bought at the Action. The Action is an store wich also sells stationery, clothes, underwear, garden stuffies, hobby stuffies and tools. Now I must say that these lipsticks are defenately improved. They are much creamier, but the thing wich is most improved was their colorrange. I can choose between more finishes instead only the frost variants. Paid 0,89 for two in a package, a real steal for trying new colours. Favorite colors: Purple Pink, Pink Blush, Peach, Terra and Retro Red. You can find swatches <here>.'

'I also like the ELF Eyelidprimer. They are only 1, or $1, depending in wich country you purchase it. ELF has an site for every country where you can order from.
And last but not least, I love my Sleek Eyeshadow Palettes till dead. These shadows are so pigmented, easy to blend, and it last me a very long time on the lids. Those palettes are around 7,95- 9, depending on where you buy them. Seems not to be (under) 5, but each palette contains 12 colors.'

'What are you're favorite Budget Toppers?'
Pics are taken by myself with my Sony Ericsson Xperia Mobile Phone so bare with me.'

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Brand Loves And Hates ~ Black Eyeshadow Brand Comparison

'This time I want to compare some black eyeshadows for you girls. It's not one brand Loves And Hates, but I made this a comparison/ black eyeshadow Loves And Hates. I found that not every black is the same, so let me put some brands wich make  black eyeshadows in love and hate sections. Discussed brands are Sleek, NYX, MUA and Ben Nye.'

'Let me tell you something about Sleek Cosmetics. Sleek made at this moment only their palettes, and almost every Sleek Palette contains a black. It should be nice if Sleek make also single eyeshadows. Especially the black one should be a single, cause that way Sleek don't need to put almost in every palette the same black. Anyway, I swatched some blacks out of a couple of Sleek Palettes. As you can see, they are almost the same.' 


'Best black eyeshadow without any doubts is Sleek. It's so pigmented and really black, and it isn't that much effort to get an nice swipe.When I washed it off, you still see some black marks, so the lastingpower is really good. It should be an good shot from Sleek to make an single version of it. Price from one Sleek Palette is 7,50- 8,50, depending on where you buy it.'

'Second place is for NYX Trio. As you can see on the swatch pic it's pigmented and also black. It's a slightly bit less black then Sleek. You need an magnifying glass to see that though. This black also swipes beautiful, like butter. At Holland webshops, NYX Trio's are 6-8, in the USA you pay for an NYX Trio $5-$7.'

'Third place goes to MUA Cosmetics for their Shade 20 matte eyeshadow wich is also an black.  It's not that black as the Sleek one, but black enough and still easy to swipe with. MUA is an UK brand. It should be sold for only £1.'


'The worst black eyeshadow out of this bunch is without any doubt the Ben Nye one. So disappointing, cause Ben Nye is the most expensive one. The pigmentation isn't the greatest. If you want to get an nice black swipe, you need to rock this guy very hard. Maybe the best way to use this thing is wet, but using it dry it's a no go and a pain in the butt. I paid 10 for it, in my eyes a big waste of money. If I knew the Sleek Eyeshadows 3 years earlier, I skipped the Ben Nye black. Really.'


'Now time for the brand comparison. From top till bottom I swatched Sleek Bad Girl Palette Noir, Black NYX Trio, MUA Shade 20 (matte) and Ben Nye ES- 99 Black.'
Enlarge pic for better comparison

'My conclusion: A good black eyeshadow shouldn't be that expensive. Just take a good look around before you buy an expensive one. Like Uriah Heep should say: "It's a hard way to learn." They're right.' ^_^

'Pics are taken by myself at night on my make updresser. Camera I used was my Sony Ericsson Xperia Mobile Phone, so bare with me.'

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Projects ~ Another Concert Look with Sleek Badgirl Palette: Forest Green Eyes

'A while back, I did allready a look with the Sleek Bad Girl Palette. This time I used that palette again, but now I will use the greens. You will find my Badgirl Blue Eyes <here>. I whore these green eyes during one of my concerts as an concertreporter.'

'Here is everything I used and how I did it.'
After priming my eyes, I used this MUA eyeshadow in Shade 1 in the inner corner till one third of the lid
Then I used Intoxicated from the Badgirl Palette all over, and Envy in the outer V of the lid
Under my brows as an highlight I used this color from my 28 Neutrals Palette. It's the first color from the second row. I used black liner on my waterline and black mascara
Lastly I finished this look with this Creme Lipstick by Yves Rocher in Mauve

'Some fullface pics are funny too.' ^_^
Sorry for the too light light, eh...

'Pics are taken by myself. Camera used: Sony Ericsson Xperia Mobile Phone, so bare with me.'

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