Thursday, May 10, 2012

Projects ~ Random Nails with Safari Nailpolish in Unknown Color (Pastel Yellow)

'A couple of weeks ago I had an random purchase with an nailpolish by Safari. I bought an pastel yellow, and sadly enough I can't tell you a number or an name. Seems Safari don't come up with names or numbers. But here are my nails painted in that Safari color.'

'The coverage is great. Let me tell you, that on the pic is only one coat. Only thing is when you put topcoat over it, it smudge a little bit, even after a while of drying. Sadly enough, with topcoat on, it last me only 1,5 day, and when I take it off with remover, it seems it turns my nails yellow. When I scratch the polish gently off, everything's fine, no yellowness on the nails. Maybe it's just the basecoat I used. Maybe you don't need to put topcoat over it, because it's fine without. I give this polish another shot, with another basecoat, cause else staining my nails will keep me far far away from this Safari Polish. Because of the coverage I want to try another color, just to find out if other colors are staining as well. That's why I never buy Essence. I know Essence polishes are staining my nails so badly in the past, that I keep far away from them. However, I like this Safari Polish for color and coverage, so yeah, I try it from another way.' 

'Pic are taken by myself at night with my Sony Ericsson Xperia Mobile Phone, so bare with me.'

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