Thursday, October 20, 2011

Favorites ~ Catrice Ultimate Colour Lipsticks

'Just that I like the Catrice Ultimate Laquers, I do also like Catrice lipsticks. You can find Catrice lipsticks in two different kinds, the Catrice Ultimate Shine and the Catrice Ultimate Colour lipsticks. Today we talk about the last one.'

'Here an overview of the colours I got. I own 8 of them. I love these kind of lipsticks from Catrice the best, cause they smell like candy winegums and they have great colours.'

'My top 3 of them:'
#160 Tell Me A Berry-Tale (2nd photo came out too light)

 #020 Maroon 20

#110 Pink Me Up!

'Here are my other shades in no particular order:'
#080 My Red Card 
#050 Princess Peach
#150 Lovely Lilac
#180 Breakfast At Tiffany's (great Halloween colour)
#030 Ginger &Fred

' Breakfast At Tiffany's and My Red Card are so far as I know discontinued. There should be a couple of more shades being discontinued, I don't know wich other ones. I recommend to get at least one of these shades, cause for the price they are really good. My drugstore sells Catrice Ultimate Colour Lipsticks for €4 each, and you can use them up to 36 months.'  

'Excuse me for my crappy pictures sometimes... I need to get rid of my bloody red background.'  ^_^

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