Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Wishlists ~ MAC Cosmetics

'First wishlist here, is one for MAC Cosmetics. I don't have a lot of wishes for MAC I found out, and I know MAC is insanely expensive. Beside that I probable don't get my hands on one of those products ever, cause I don't have a MAC counter or MAC store in the city I live at the moment. I also don't know wich "luxury" store carry any MAC products. However, my eye fell on these things. Not much but still a couple of stuffies.'

'I'm defenately an lipstick person, so I want to try one of their lipsticks. MAC sell their lipsticks for around $15, wich is crazy for a lipstick. However I'm very curious about them, so I hope I can get my hands on them somehow. The ones I selected are Amplified Cremes, but the real reason I pick these, are about the colours.'

'I also want to try a couple of eyeshadows. Mac's eyeshadows retail for $15 as well. Also ridiculous, but if I try just a few and not insanely much, it should do. I heard good things about the pigmentation. First one is a Matte, cause I'm an Matte person if it comes to eyeshadow. The other one could be a satin, looking at the name.'

'I think this is it for this MAC wishlist. Like I said, not crazy too much, just some little things wich I'm curious about. Hopefully I have more goodies in my next wishlist.' ^_^

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