Saturday, October 29, 2011

Wishlists ~ Catrice Cosmetics

'I think it isn't slip your mind, but I love a lot from cosmetics brand Catrice. Time for a wishlist. I don't think I have a lot of crazy Catrice wishes. Most Catrice wishes are a little basic, just a few eyepencils and foundation types if I'm running out of my old eyepencils and foundation.'

'Let's start with some Catrice foundations I defenately want to try out.'
Infinite Matt Up to 18h Make Up 040 Bronze Beige
Photo Finish Liquid Foundation 18h 030 Caramel Beige

'My skin looks shiney sometimes, so I think Infinite Matt Up Foundation is worth a try. The other one is the Photo Finish Liquid Foundation, for if my current foundation is finished. To be honest, I don't use a lot of foundation, but sometimes my skin needs an colour boost when my skin looks dull, red, or stressed out.  Another face product I want to try, is their Defining Duo Blush. Personally for me it's very hard to find an good matte blush, cause I don't want to end up like a discoball...'
Defining Duo Blush 020 Peach Sorbet
Defening Duo Blush 040 Chocolate Cream

'Catrice changed their 'automatic' eyeliner currently, so when my old ones are finished, I defenately want to pick up their newer packages. I do own a couple of their 'automatic' lipliners allready (called Precision Lipliners) and I like them, so I want to give their newer eyeliners a try as well.'
Precision Eyeliner 020 Like A Grayer

'Offcourse I also want to try a couple of their new eyeshadow colours. To be honest, Catrice eyeshadows aren't a part of my favorite eyeshadows, but some of them are pretty. And some out of their colour range I don't own yet, so worth a try. I want to buy one Duo eyeshadow cause I tried the other brown Duo eyeshadow they got, but I think the brown one is too dark for my taste. So that's why I want to try the other brown Duo wich is lighter.'
Absolute Eye Colour Mono 330 I Think I've Green You Before
Absolute Eye Colour Mono 360 We Still Support Green Peas
Absolute Eye Colour Mono 420 Talk Like An Egyptian
Absolute Colour Duo 080 Help! I'm Stranded

'Lastly, I have this Gel Eyeliner on my wishlist. I'm not that familiar with gel eyeliner yet, so it's time to change that. I'm not a big star when it comes to eyeliners. Dip eyeliners or other old skool eyeliners always fails on me, so hopefully gelliners will work.'
Gel Eyeliner 010 Jack Black With Black Jack
Gel Eyeliner Brush

'So far my wishlist for Catrice. I do allready own all Catrice's Ultimate Laquers so far, so I don't need to mention them right now. Catrice has also a Nude Nailpolish Collection, but I'm not so attracted for that collection. Who knows what I want more from Catrice in the future.'  ^_^ 

'I don't own these pictures from Catrice. I screenshotted these pics from the official Catrice site.'

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