Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Reviews ~ Finished Products Januari 2012

'After so many purchases, you might be expect that I also finish a lot of things. Well, not always a lot, but I do finish things every month. So let's start with the products I finished during Januari.'

'First item I finished is this bodybutter in cocnut sheabutter by my local Dutch Drugstore Kruidvat. In my previously post I talk about the blueberry lychee one. The coconut smells a little heavier, but it's not overpowering at al. The blueberry one has an slight pink color to the consistency, the coconut is just white. I think these bodybutters has an good quality for the price, only 2,50 for 200ml.'

Next up I finished my Essence Refreshing Toner in Grape. It was only 1,99. I used this at least 3 months or so. This is very good for refreshing, but it doesn't much for my skin. The smell is awesome, wich I like, but I don't have the feeling that my skin is that clean, if you know what I mean. The other item I finished was this nailpolish remover from an Dutch store called Action. This remover was 0,98 and it's without acetone. I didn't like this remover. It leaves white rims around my cuticles, and my nails/ cuticles looked very dry after using it. I do prefer an remover with acetone, cause 1) With aceton you don't need to rub hard to get the polish of and 2) I don't see any white rims around my cuticles when I using a remover with acetone.'

'Next up I finished this awesome facecream by Yves Rocher. This is the best facecream I ever used in winter time. It's a little too fat for summer, but it's very good for wintertime. It makes my skin really soft and healthy looking. But there are two cons. First thing is: catalogue price is 35, wich is ridiculous. Mostly Yves Rocher gives you some discount wich means that the price should be mostly 17,50. I got this cream during an awesome deal: I got it as an surprise gift worth 35 in one of my purchases. And I noticed that they give this cream a lot for free during these surprise gift deals. That's an good thing. So if I want to re purchase this, I only need to wait till they give this thing away, cause I don't think of spending so much money for an facecream. The other con is the package. As you might see, I don't get all the product out of the package, there's a little left under the rim of the pot. So I hope that Yves Rocher makes the pot more round in the future, cause every woman wants to get everything out of the package, especially when she should pay the full 35.'

'Another thing I finished this month are two mono eyeshadows by Catrice. First color is Welcome to Miami Peach, wich is discontinued. I don't care that this color is out of the running, cause I really hated it. It was way too shimmery and gives a lot of fall out during applying. Second color I finished is Go Charlie Brown. I believe they discontinued this color too. Not my favorite eyeshadow colors. Catrice mono eyeshadows are only 2,79, but I think I got one free, so it was not a big deal for me. I owned more worse eyeshadows in the past.'

'Next I finished two lipsticks by Catrice. First is one of the old Absolute Moisture ones in Caramel Beige. I really love their old skool Moisture Lipsticks, and it's sad that I finished this one allready. But I still own a couple other colors of the old Moisture lipsticks. I think it's really sad they discontinued these lipsticks. Glad we got some other cool lipsticks in place. The other lipstick I finished is also an Catrice one. It's a lipstick from the Urban Baroque Limited Edition past year, in the color Elisabeth. I have one back up left from this lipstick, so I try to use this color carefully. I have no idea what I payed for these lipsticks in the past, honestly. But I know it wasn't that much.'

'Finally done for this month. Next up I finished an concealer by Manhattan. This brand was discontinued years ago from our local drugstores, so it isn't available anymore. I used this concealer to death, and I wish I had an back up of this. I can't remember the price, but it was defenately an cheap **** product.'

'Lastly I finished this sample of Dove Deeply Nourishing Showergel with NutriMoisture. I think this is an awesome showergel. My skin felt really soft after a shower with this. It also last me a long time- two weeks for 50ml- wich isn't that bad. Only con: the scent. I think I don't like it, it smells too heavy for my taste, and too milky. I can't describe the scent of this. I got this for free in the mail, so I don't know what the price of this product should be.' 

'Finally there. I hope this was a little helpfull. Talk to you later.'

'Pics are taken with my Sony Ericsson Xperia Mobile Phone on my way too small make updresser at night, so bare with me.'

Monday, January 30, 2012

Purchases ~ Some Random Things Januari 2012

'I shopped not a lot this month. Like I wrote earlier, our washingmachine died, so we bought an new washingmachine this month. So I bought some random things here and there, things wich I ran out of, or I simply want to try.'

'First thing is this awesome smelling body butter from my local Dutch drugstore Kruidvat. I'm not a huge fan of Kruidvat stuffies, but their bodybutters are pretty awesome. My previous one in coconut and sheabutter is gone, and I thought it is time for another scent. So I picked up the blueberry and lychee one. It smells very girlie girl, and it makes me reach for summer. Good thing is the price: only 2,50 for 200ml.' 

'I also ran out of my Essence cleansing water. I wanted to re purchase my Refreshing Toner, the purple bottle from |Essence, but I couldn't find it anymore, so I picked this one up, also by Essence. It was only 1,99, and I used it allready.' 

'Finally, my local Dutch drugstore Kruidvat is selling NYC Cosmetics too. Till now I couldn't find any NYC stuffies in my area, so I had to pick up at least one lipstick and one nailpolish. Here a swatch of the lipstick, wich is in 418 Sugarplum and a pic of the nailpolish, wich is in Moma. The lipstick was 2,99 and the nailpolish only 2,29 a piece.' 

'This was it. I hope you enjoyed and have a nice day...'

'Pics are taken by myself at night on my way too small makeup dresser. Pics are made with my Sony Ericsson Xperia Phone, so bare with me for the quality of the pics.' ^_^ 

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Favorites ~ Yves Rocher Lippies

'Time for an favorites post again, and this time I'm going to write about my favorite Yves Rocher lipproducts. You can get Yves Rocher stuffies online, and if you're lucky, in one of their local stores.' 

'First thing wich I always purchase, are these lipbalms. My favorites are the grape one with the green cap, and the almond one with the yellow cap. I think Yves Rocher sell also one with an pink cap, wich is in an buttery kind of smell. The grape one I will mostly use when it's summer. It's an light lipbalm with an summery grape scent to it. The almond one I mostly use in winter, because it's a little fuller in texture, but it's also light wearing at the same time. I love both of these balms, and it's one of those things I always need to purchase. I always come back to this lipbalm. Catalogue price of these balms are 2,50 each, but mostly I buy them for 1- 1,50 a piece, wich is an very good deal.'

'My next favorite lippie from Yves Rocher discovered I pretty recently. I'm talking abouth their cream lipsticks, wich are very pigmented and creamy. I believe they're called High Concentration Moisturizing Lipsticks, wich is an mouthful. I think these are really good. They have an very girlie scent, wich is in my opinion nice. They last a good amount of time also, and they're not drying. Catalogue price is 14,90 a piece, but I buy these mostly for 7,50 or 8,95. Wich is still pricey, but believe me it's worth it.'
I got the Limited Edition Packages. In the future these colors should be produced in the regular package, wich is the blue cap.
Rose is an pretty pinky/ peachy nude. Great for everyday wear.
Mauve is an deeper nude for me.
Tomette is an soft wearable brick red. The label makes you think that it is an bright raspberry color, but it's not.

'These are my favorite Yves Rocher lippies so far. Not much, but still more then in the past. Anyway I hope this was helpful.'

'Pics are taken at night on my way too small make up dresser at night. I used my Sony Ericsson Xperia mobile Phone for my pics, so bare with me, if they didn't came out very well.' ^_^

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Projects ~ Weekend Nails with Sinful Colors #947 Mint Apple

'In my previous post it was all about my 4th order at Alice&Jo, and offcourse my curiosity won from me: I had to try out my very first Sinful Colors Nailpolish for this weekend. I got #947 in Mint Apple, and oh my gosh, this color is beautiful....'
Screenshotted pic from ? (thanks to the owner)

'Here are some pictures of the color and my manicure. I painted them yesterday. I did two coats here, but one coat covered the nails very well too. Brush is small, but not too long, just perfect. As you might see, I didn't make much mistakes during painting. I defenately want to purchase more from Sinful Colors Nailpolishes. I got mine fron Alice&Jo Online Beautystore, and they are €4,99 each.'

'Pictures are taken on my way too small dresser at night with my Sony Ericsson XPeria Mobile Phone, so bare with me with the pics. At least they are usefull.' ^_^ 

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