Sunday, January 29, 2012

Favorites ~ Yves Rocher Lippies

'Time for an favorites post again, and this time I'm going to write about my favorite Yves Rocher lipproducts. You can get Yves Rocher stuffies online, and if you're lucky, in one of their local stores.' 

'First thing wich I always purchase, are these lipbalms. My favorites are the grape one with the green cap, and the almond one with the yellow cap. I think Yves Rocher sell also one with an pink cap, wich is in an buttery kind of smell. The grape one I will mostly use when it's summer. It's an light lipbalm with an summery grape scent to it. The almond one I mostly use in winter, because it's a little fuller in texture, but it's also light wearing at the same time. I love both of these balms, and it's one of those things I always need to purchase. I always come back to this lipbalm. Catalogue price of these balms are 2,50 each, but mostly I buy them for 1- 1,50 a piece, wich is an very good deal.'

'My next favorite lippie from Yves Rocher discovered I pretty recently. I'm talking abouth their cream lipsticks, wich are very pigmented and creamy. I believe they're called High Concentration Moisturizing Lipsticks, wich is an mouthful. I think these are really good. They have an very girlie scent, wich is in my opinion nice. They last a good amount of time also, and they're not drying. Catalogue price is 14,90 a piece, but I buy these mostly for 7,50 or 8,95. Wich is still pricey, but believe me it's worth it.'
I got the Limited Edition Packages. In the future these colors should be produced in the regular package, wich is the blue cap.
Rose is an pretty pinky/ peachy nude. Great for everyday wear.
Mauve is an deeper nude for me.
Tomette is an soft wearable brick red. The label makes you think that it is an bright raspberry color, but it's not.

'These are my favorite Yves Rocher lippies so far. Not much, but still more then in the past. Anyway I hope this was helpful.'

'Pics are taken at night on my way too small make up dresser at night. I used my Sony Ericsson Xperia mobile Phone for my pics, so bare with me, if they didn't came out very well.' ^_^

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