Monday, January 30, 2012

Purchases ~ Some Random Things Januari 2012

'I shopped not a lot this month. Like I wrote earlier, our washingmachine died, so we bought an new washingmachine this month. So I bought some random things here and there, things wich I ran out of, or I simply want to try.'

'First thing is this awesome smelling body butter from my local Dutch drugstore Kruidvat. I'm not a huge fan of Kruidvat stuffies, but their bodybutters are pretty awesome. My previous one in coconut and sheabutter is gone, and I thought it is time for another scent. So I picked up the blueberry and lychee one. It smells very girlie girl, and it makes me reach for summer. Good thing is the price: only 2,50 for 200ml.' 

'I also ran out of my Essence cleansing water. I wanted to re purchase my Refreshing Toner, the purple bottle from |Essence, but I couldn't find it anymore, so I picked this one up, also by Essence. It was only 1,99, and I used it allready.' 

'Finally, my local Dutch drugstore Kruidvat is selling NYC Cosmetics too. Till now I couldn't find any NYC stuffies in my area, so I had to pick up at least one lipstick and one nailpolish. Here a swatch of the lipstick, wich is in 418 Sugarplum and a pic of the nailpolish, wich is in Moma. The lipstick was 2,99 and the nailpolish only 2,29 a piece.' 

'This was it. I hope you enjoyed and have a nice day...'

'Pics are taken by myself at night on my way too small makeup dresser. Pics are made with my Sony Ericsson Xperia Phone, so bare with me for the quality of the pics.' ^_^ 

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