Sunday, January 8, 2012

Wishlists ~ Newest Catrice Ultimate Laquers in 2012

'Maybe you noticed, but I am an addict of the Catrice Ultimate Laquers... till now I have them all, but as always, Catrice discontinued some of the older colors and replaced them by a few new ones. Catrice came out with 15 new shades, wich I don't have yet. I am an collector of these polishes, so time for an wishlist.'

'My favorites from the first shades beneath are Birdy Reloaded, Fred Said Red and King of Greens.'
690 Fred Said Red
From left to right: 700 Birdy Reloaded!, 710 Dulce & Havanna, 720 Bruno Brownani, 740 King Of Greens

'My favorites from the second couple of shades beneath are Put Lavender On Agenda and Heavy Metallilac.'
From left to right: 770 Put Lavender On Agenda, 780 Welcome to Roosywood, 790 The Pink and The Brain, 800 Heavy Metallilac

'Next my favorites from the third couple of shades beneath are ACid/DC and Salmon & Garfunkel.'
From left to right: 810 ACid/DC, 820 Pimp My Shrimp, 830 Salmon & Garfunkel, 840 Genius In The Bottle
From left to right: 850 Aretha's R-E-S-P-I-N-K, 860 Browno Mars

'I defenately going on the hunt for these new colors. As always I want them all... Catrice Ultimate Laquers retails for 2,50 a bottle. Jups Catrice did it again, those names are too funny. I think OPI could take a lesson out of it. And that for an cheap ass brand...'

'Pics screenshotted by one of the other Dutch blogs, I can't remember wich, sorry for that.'


  1. hi there! these came out in Switzerland just this week and they are gorgeous!!

    1. I did looking around here, and I didn't came across them yet... my local drugstore is busy with discounts on the colors they are discontinued, but if I find them, I get them ;)

  2. you are my kindred spirit with our love for catrice polishes! I don't have them all like you but I have many. I bought 5 today! 770 us a very good dupe for opi "parlez vous opi" long discontinued so hoorah for catrice! 840 is a dupe for Chanel peridot! so yes, we love catrice! keep up your great blog and YouTube!!


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