Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Favorites ~ Criminal Minds

'It's time for an fresh brandnew favorite of mine. This time it isn't beauty related. This time I want to talk about one of my all time favorite tv shows ever: Criminal Minds.'

'First person wich caught my eye and was one of the biggest trigger to follow Criminal Minds, is Penelope Garcia, played by Kirsten Vangsness. What I like about this woman is the fact how colorfull she is. She's wearing a lot of excentric glasses, holding a funky pen while she's typing her BAU keyboard, and is one big inspiration when it comes to make up for me. You need to have the guts to wear these colorfull looks, but wow, I really like Garcia's character, even how she is in real life...'

'My next favorite of Criminal Minds is Derek Morgan, played by Shemar Moore. I like the relationship between Penelope Garcia and Derek Morgan in this serie the most. How they hang around with each other is priceless: I bet they are the same in real life. He's in one word hot. Lucky for Kirsten, she's flirting all the time with him... in the serie.'

'Offcourse I have my third favorite of Criminal Minds, Dr. Spencer Reid, played by Matthew Gray Gubler. Oh my gosh, his character is priceless. I really like the way how his character is: nerdy, caring, and smart... shortly said, there's something about him, I can't really explain why I'm feeling attracted to him.... ^_^ Good for me I live in Holland, else the obsession was too big for me... glad I have already found my man!' 

'Next characters are Aaron Hotchner, played by Thomas Gibson, David Rossi, played by Joe Mantegna, (I know Joe allready, he played also in Joan Of Arcadia, another long followed serie of mine), Jennifer "JJ" Jareau, played by AJ Cook, and Emily Prentiss played by Paget Brewster. There where a couple of other actors in Criminal Minds, but they leave the serie during the years. For more information, you can check Wikipedia.'

From left to right: Penelope Garcia (Kirsten Vangsness), Jason Gideon (Mandi Patinkin), Elle Greenaway (Lola Glaudini), Derek Morgan (Shemar Moore), Aaron Hotchner (Thomas Gibson), Dr. Spencer Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler), Jennifer Jareau "JJ" (AJ Cook)

From left to right: Dr. Spencer Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler), Emily Prentiss (Paget Brewster), Derek Morgan (Shemar Moore), Aaron Hotchner (Thomas Gibson), David Rossi (Joe Mantegna), Jennifer Jareau "JJ" (AJ Cook), Penelope Garcia (Kirsten Vangsness)
Intro Season 1

Intro Season 3
Intro Seaqson 5
Intro Season 6

Intro Season 7

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Projects ~ Nailpolish Color Comparison Episode 1

'A while ago Youtuber alelvi123 requested me to make a video about a Nailpolish Color Comparison. With that a whole new serie is born on my Youtube Channel. So I kick off with my first Nailpolish Color Comparison wich is for a bunch of Catrice Ultimate Laquers: 220 Lost In Mud, 230 Clayton My Hero (discontinued), 570 Beavis&Mudhead and 640 Grey's Kelly.' 

'For the video you can click on the picture to get there. I'm terribly sorry for the condition of my cuticles in this video. I know, my recording background isn't great, but I'm still working on it.' ^_^

Nailpolish Color Comaprison Episode 1: Catrice Ultimate Laquers Brown/ Taupe Colors
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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Wishlists ~ Colorclub Nailpolishes

'Another nailpolish brand wich I didn't try, is Colorclub. Time for an Colorclub wishlist, and I see a lot of cool colors, wich makes it very hard to pick my most wanted colors, because I have so so many nailpolishes allready. Anyway. On to this wishlist.' 

'High on my nailpolish colors wishlist is the holographic nailpolishes. Good holographic nailpolishes are very hard to find. A lot of brands claims that they sell holographics, but sometimes those colors are more metallics or something like that. My eye caught a color by Colorclub wich seems to be an holographic. It's called Worth the Risque, and I really hope this is an good, silvery holographic.'

Worth The Risque (not my pic)

'Offcourse I have a couple of creme finishes on my Colorclub wishlist too. I'm searching for ages for an mandarin kind of color, not a BOOM in your face orange but more a softer kind of yellow/ orange. So the color I Always Get My Man- darin seems to be an good softer orangy color.'
I Always Get My Man- darin (not my pic)

'Further I have a couple of colors from Colorclub on this wishlist wich I also like, but not so desperately wanted. Colors wich I allready have in my nailpolish collection.'
Earthy Angel

Rad Nomad
Sheer Disguise
Uptown Girl
Artsy Crafty

'I think this is it. I hope you liked my wishlist for Colorclub nailpolishes. Have an rocking weekend!' 

'Pictures aren't my copyright. I got them from all around Google, because Google is my friend. Thanks to the owners of these pics.'  ^_^

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Projects ~ Nailpolish Expiriment Episode 30

'Nailpolish Expiriment Episode 30 is for a nailpolish by Sally Hansen, from their Diamond Strenght collection. It is color #22 Forever Lilac, and it was requested somewhere in Summer by Youtuber makeuplicious11/ Youtuber MissCoralista21, but I recorded this somewhere in Autumn. Her name is Sam, so Sam, thanks so so much for your patient. I hope I helped you out, and I hope next time to have an better recording place or set up. Please click on the pic to get you on the video.' ^_^

Episode 30: Sally Hansen in #22 Forever Lilac

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

(Nail Art) Prizes/ Giveaways ~ Mini Parcel from Youtuber Ohfaciq

'A couple of weeks ago, Youtuber Ohfaciq/ Karolina organized a mini giveaway on her Youtube channel. You only had to post a comment on her video giving your favorite products from the country where you live in. My answer was:'

'And lucky enough for me, I was one of the happy winners she picked. This is what I got in the mail from London, UK.'

'First thing she wrote to me a special thank you card. Well, it's my pleasure to be subscribed to your Youtube channel, Karolina. Your such an inspiration! Please keep doing what you do.'

'Next thing what I found in the envelope, was this honey mask from Poland... first I saw this, I thought: "Uhmm, yeah it's kind of a mask, but what scent? My Polish isn't really that great... Oh found it seems to be a mask with honey..." If I read the whole package better I knew it was a honey scent, cause it is also noticed in English... doh. Can't wait to try this mask. I will let you know if this mask was good. I'm such a mask lover, so I think it's always good...'

'And the final thing she send me, was this lipbalm from Tisane. It was the actual thing she wanted to give away, one of her favorite products from her country Poland, where she actually come from I believe. I totally understand why she love it so much... it smells so sweet, like vanilla. I didn't use it yet, cause I'm the kind of person who like to use one lipbalm at the same time... but this should be defenately the next lipbalm I want to use. She told me that I need to warm it up before using, and I think she's totally right about it, it's freezing here at the moment, meh, I mean mi- auww.' ^_^

'That's it folks... this is everything she send me. Omfgh, I feel so lucky. If you want to make someones day, please subscribe to Ohfaciq's channel. You're not only making her day, but also mine, if you do.' ^_^

Monday, November 14, 2011

Projects ~ Nailpolish Expiriment Episode 29

'Nailpolish Expiriment Episode 29 is for a nailpolish by Gosh and it's #554 Gold. I thought let's edit this nailpolish video with Christmas in sight... I think Gosh #554 in Gold is the perfect Christmas nail color, and makes me really excited for Christmas. I hope this expiriment is helpfull. To get on the video, just click the pic.' ^_^ 

Episode 29: Gosh #554 Gold

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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Purchases ~ Another Make Up Order From Alice&Jo Online Beautystore

'By accident I ordered my second package at Alice&Jo Online Beautystore. With that I changed my Alice@Jo Wishlist, wich you can find here <click>. I promised myself to order at first, if I should make an order at Alice&Jo, some Attitude Nailpolishes. So I did ordered four of these polishes, one Sleek Palettes and a Barry M Lippaint this time.'

'I ordered Boho Blue, Cranberry, Fashionable Late and Berry Burlesque. These polishes are in one word amazing. I love the big color range from Attitude Nailpolishes. I ordered four, but I added more colors on my wishlist as you might noticed. The brush is a long one. Polishes are quik dry, and in my photo's I just use one coat of every color. Sorry for my sloppy nailpainting, and excuse me for the yellow borders on some points. Seems I had yellow polish on before these swatches... ^_^ Price is €2,75 for each color.'
Screenshot from Alice&Jo
Fashionable Late GlitterKitty's pics
Screenshot from Alice&Jo
Cranberry GlitterKitty's pics
Screenshot Alice&Jo
Berry Burlesque GlitterKitty's pics
Screenshot Alice&Jo
Boho Blue GlitterKitty's pics
Idea of an Attitude Nailpolish brush

'Offcourse I had to order another Sleek Eyeshadow Palette. My choice was for the Bohemian Palette, the one with the white package. The fact that these eyeshadows doesn't have names caught my eye. My Au Naturel Palette eyeshadows have names, so I am wondering why my Bohemian Palette not. It's not a big problem, cause I still love, love, love Sleek palettes... they are so pigmented and their color range is huge. I decided to do swatches of them in another blogpost, so please be patient. A Sleek Palette at Alice&Jo is €7,95.' 
Screenshot Alice&Jo

Bohemian Palette GlitterKitty's pics

'Least I had to try a lippaint by Barry M. I ordered number 73 Mulberry. As you might see, Barry M only put the number on the package not the name of the lipstick. It's not an huge deal for me, but I thought it should be nicer if Barry M mentioned also the name. The smell of this lippaint is like crayons, but thank god, it's not an in your face crayon smell. After applying Barry M's lippaint, the scent will go away. Price for a Barry M lippaint is €5,05, wich is a bit cheaper then a Sleek Lipstick. I think I like the Sleek Lipsticks better, but I think Barry M's lippaint are good as well.'
Screenshot Alice&Jo

73 Mulberry GlitterKitty's pics

'Here ends my second Alice&Jo order. I hope you like my goodies, and I promise to make swatches for my Sleek Palettes soon as possible, when the light works fine and my battery isn't empty anymore. Big thumbs up for Alice&Jo. Defenately one of my favorite Beauty webshops here in Holland.'

'I'm sorry for my crappy pictures on some points. They are taken on my way too small make up dresser mostly at night.' ^_^

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