Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Wishlists ~ Sinful Colors Nailpolish

'I'm trying to get my hands on Sinful Nailpolishes for ages now, and I think it's time for an wishlist with my favorite colors. Unfortunately, so far as I know, they don't sell Sinful Colors in Holland... If your drugstore or other local place sells them could we make a swap, please? *kitty eyes*' ^_^ 

'Anyhow, like I said I have a bunch of colors I like. So far as I know I can buy them at, but downside of that is when you want to order a lot, there is a change that you're shippingcosts will raise very quikly... Sinful Colors are between $2- 5 depending on where you order or purchase them.'
Adventure Island
Mint Apple

'Jups, I have a lot wishes for Sinfull Colors. Package reminds me a little bit of the OPI ones. So if anyone want to do a swap with me, please leave me a comment below, but only if you're really be able to get these particular colors. In Holland we have brands like Catrice, Essence and Mavala. I really hope that someone can help me get my hands on these.' ^_^ 

'I don't have copyright on the pics in this post. I took them from A Beautiful Secret. Logo screenshotted by myself from'

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