Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Projects ~ Nailpolish Color Comparison Episode 1

'A while ago Youtuber alelvi123 requested me to make a video about a Nailpolish Color Comparison. With that a whole new serie is born on my Youtube Channel. So I kick off with my first Nailpolish Color Comparison wich is for a bunch of Catrice Ultimate Laquers: 220 Lost In Mud, 230 Clayton My Hero (discontinued), 570 Beavis&Mudhead and 640 Grey's Kelly.' 

'For the video you can click on the picture to get there. I'm terribly sorry for the condition of my cuticles in this video. I know, my recording background isn't great, but I'm still working on it.' ^_^

Nailpolish Color Comaprison Episode 1: Catrice Ultimate Laquers Brown/ Taupe Colors
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