Sunday, November 6, 2011

Purchases ~ Easy Paris Laca de Unas Nailpolish

'This weekend, I walked by this typically cheap chinese kind of store, called "1001 Voordeelshop". This shop sells a lot of asian kind of stuffies, but also wigs and cheap cosmetics. I think they sell also a lot of other stuffies, I bet. I did allready know that this store excist in our "city", because my younger sister and I allready came across. My younger sister and I where a little bit sceptical while visiting the first time, so I didn't pick up anything. However, this weekend I came across again, and my curiosity won: I decided to try some of their cheap ass nailpolishes. The brand I picked up is called Easy Paris Laca de Unas Nailpolish, and I think it is an brand from Spain.'

'I picked up some of their cream or jelly finish polishes in purple (53), yellow(54), and blue (456). Every nailpolish brand at this shop cost all €1,50 a piece. First thoughts while I opened their caps was how nice the brushes look. By trying out the blue one, I noticed that after two coats the nailpolish allready became thick. The first coat came out very jelly- ish, but the second coat makes it all better.'

'I have no idea if I want to pick up more of these polishes. Maybe a couple of their glitters around Christmas, because they have nice green glitter, silver glitter, purple glitter and gold glitter polishes I believe. But I also noticed that Easy Paris have a lot kind of packages. 1001 Voordeelshop also sell a Nailpolish Brand that called Wynie. Wynie have a big color selection, creams, jelly kind of polishes, glitters... but I don't know if I want to try these polishes. I like the packes from Easy Paris better.'

'The Easy Paris Nailpolishes I purchased, the square bottle ones, reminds me of the American nailpolish brand Pure Ice, but the caps from Easy Paris seems to be longer. On the pics I wear two coats, without topcoat. First impression of the result on my nails: Beautiful finish, smooth surface and vibrant color. I love it. Now trying to find out how long this polish last and how the other colors should be on my nails.
Here ends my small weekend purchase. I hope you enjoyed it, and rock your weekend!'

'I'm sorry for the crappy pics. Pictures are taken at night on my way too small make up dresser.' ^_^ 

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