Monday, November 7, 2011

Wishlists ~ NYX Cosmetics

'It's a long time ago when I purchased NYX stuffies for the last time . So I think it's time to create a little wishlist for this favorite brand of mine. I love the NYX Eyeshadow trio's, their Round Lipsticks, and I like the Megashine Lipgloss.'
'Like I told earlier I'm not a big sucker for lipgloss. It's most of the time sticky as hell, and my hair always going to stick on my lips when I wear lipgloss... however, I do have a couple of Megashine lipglosses on this wishlist. I found out that these lipglosses aren't sticky at all. Their formula feels like lipcream on my lips. Sadly enough I do own one Megasine lipgloss at the moment. So see my want- to- buy colors here.'
On my wishlist colors Tea Rose and Nude Peach
On my wishlist colors Candy Shop and Plum
On my wishlist colors Burgundy and Miami Babe

'Next thing are Round Lipsticks. I know that I don't need them immediately, because I do own allready too much of them. But my eye fell on these particular colors wich I wish to have.'
On my wishlist colors Peach Bellini, Minimalism, Haute Coutour, and Stella

'I also include some of their eyeshadow trio's I want to try. I love their Eyeshadow trio's, especially Nude/ Taupe/ Dark Brown and Frosted Flake/ Slate/ Iced Mocha. So time to add some more of these trio's onto my eyeshadow collection.'
On my wishlist colors Honeycomd and Orange/ Golden Orange/ Peach
On my wishlist colors Rock & Roll

'Next item I want to buy are a couple of their Jumbo Eyepencils. I got allready one in Black Bean, and I heard good reviews/ things about Milk.'
On my wishlist colors Milk and Purple
On my wishlist colors Rust and Yellow

'I'm in my try out phase when we talk about blush, so defenately on my NYX wishlist, a couple of NYX powderblushes.'
On my wishlist colors Peach, Mauve, Espresso, and Dusty Rose

'So far this NYX Cosmetics Wishlist. I hope you liked it, and please be inspired.'

'I don't own the copyright of the used pics. I screenshotted them from Beautyjoint.' ^_^ 


  1. OMG, I have a lot of NYX wishlist too >.<
    Especially the powder blush (Peach, Pinched, Angel, Mocha, etc)...I wish I can get them soon because it's so expensive in Indonesia :(

  2. Whoei that sucks... wish their blushes are way cheaper there :/ and trying order them on Beautyjoint or Cherryculture?

  3. I want to buy online from Cherryculture but I'm scared of the taxes, because the tax office always cheating about the tax. Maybe I will try to contact my friend that live in US to bought some for me =D

  4. Wish I could swap with you =D but my Paypal is dead at the moment....:(


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