Monday, May 14, 2012

Purchases ~ W7 Cosmetics 10 Out Of 10 Palette + MUA Comparison

'A couple of days back, I'd asked the Youtube Nail Art Dolls on Facebook "Should I buy this palette by W7, the 10 Out Of 10 Palette?" Because of Google is my friend, I'd Googled for swatches and reviews on the net first, but guess what? Seems nobody did an review or blogpost yet. I also looked on Youtube, but most W7 reviews was another W7 Palette, the Paintbox with the 77 shadows. The eyeshadow reviews from W7 are mostly positive on Youtube, so I thought, just give it a shot. The W7 10 Out Of 10 Palette was only 4,99 at my Dutch local Op=Op Voordeelshop. Downside: I didn't had the opportunity to swatch the shadows at the shop. You can find this palette online <here>.'

'First time I'd digged into this palette I thought: "Somehow this remind me of the MUA eyeshadows." No wonder, W7 Cosmetics seems also an brand from the UK. Typically for an UK (shimmer) eyeshadow is the half buttery, half powdery texture. In that case the MUA shadows and W7 shadows are almost the same. I thought it should be interesting to do a little comparison between these two brands. MUA makes also palettes like this, only MUA put 12 colors in an palette, W7 10. W7 10 Out Of 10 Palette and MUA Professional Palettes are around the same price range. I don't own an MUA 12 ES palette, so I compared them to a couple of MUA's single ES. But first pics of the swatches from the W7 10 Out Of 10 Palette, because I bet you girls are curious, right?'

'And here are some of the colors compared with MUA single eyeshadows. I didn't make an comaprison for the blue ones, the pinky color, and some brown shades, because I don't own an color like these from MUA. Let's take a look.'

'GlitterKitty's Conclusion: Not an bad palette, but not the best either. If I had to choose on this point between MUA and W7, it should be MUA. The browns/ nudes, pink, and lilac from this W7 palette are the best pigmented. The grey and black are okay, but could be better. The white is the worst out of the bunch, so if you are looking for an good white eyeshadow, or colors for making an hot smokey eye, you could better skip this palette. Personally I bought this one for the blues and the lilac, so it's okay to me. I could be happy with it. If you are an browns and nudes lover, you can defenately give this palette an shot. I have so many browns and nudes allready, so for these colors I didn't bought the palette. I think these browns and nudes are pretty though. Especially with an good primer underneath, this palette is worth trying. I will make an eye look post with this palette, so stay tuned for that. For the price I can't complain.'

'Pics are taken at night with my Sony Ericsson Xperia Mobile Phone so bare with me. Swatches are without any primers. Promo pic isn't my property, I Googled it, so thanks to their owner(s).'

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