Saturday, May 12, 2012

Wishlists ~ Random Things Spring/ Summer 2012

'We girls always want something. Just like me. I have a few things I defenately want, but I need to save for it, because these things aren't te cheapest in the world. Mostly of these brands I want only one thing to try first, because you never know about the quality. But that counts for every brand, high end or budget.'

'First random item is this lipstick in Airborn Unicorn by Limecrime. Now, I found these lipsticks not cheap, price on the Limecrime site is $15,99. Reason why I want this color, is because it is an opaque purple lipstick. I don't own any lipstick like this, so yeah, hopefully I get my hands on one.'

'Next is something I want for a very long time now. It's an Chocolate Mirror. The one from the pic is sold <here> and the price is 8,00 USD. I'm addicted to chocolate, but wch girl isn't?'
'Another item wich catched my eye, is this Tree Of Life Ring. It's available at the Large, and the price is 14,99. I think this is an unique ring. Mostly you see roses, elves or skulls at the Large.'

'I found also this unique bottle of Gothmetic Nailpolish. This is the purple one, cause I love purples, but you can choose from different colors. Webshop wich sells Gothmetic Nailpolishes is Attitude Holland. The nailpolish isn't cheap, 11,95. I think the bottle makes you want to pay it.' 

'I also want to try one of the Revlon Colorburst lipsticks. Colour wich I desperately want to try is Grape. I found this lipstick on Ebay <here> for 2,99 GPB, in euro's 3,72 without shipping, but with shipping it's still cheap.'

'I think this is it for now. I want to make more Random Things Wishlist in the future.'

'I don't own any of these pics. I just found them online, and I want to say thanks to their owners.'

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