Sunday, November 20, 2011

Wishlists ~ Colorclub Nailpolishes

'Another nailpolish brand wich I didn't try, is Colorclub. Time for an Colorclub wishlist, and I see a lot of cool colors, wich makes it very hard to pick my most wanted colors, because I have so so many nailpolishes allready. Anyway. On to this wishlist.' 

'High on my nailpolish colors wishlist is the holographic nailpolishes. Good holographic nailpolishes are very hard to find. A lot of brands claims that they sell holographics, but sometimes those colors are more metallics or something like that. My eye caught a color by Colorclub wich seems to be an holographic. It's called Worth the Risque, and I really hope this is an good, silvery holographic.'

Worth The Risque (not my pic)

'Offcourse I have a couple of creme finishes on my Colorclub wishlist too. I'm searching for ages for an mandarin kind of color, not a BOOM in your face orange but more a softer kind of yellow/ orange. So the color I Always Get My Man- darin seems to be an good softer orangy color.'
I Always Get My Man- darin (not my pic)

'Further I have a couple of colors from Colorclub on this wishlist wich I also like, but not so desperately wanted. Colors wich I allready have in my nailpolish collection.'
Earthy Angel

Rad Nomad
Sheer Disguise
Uptown Girl
Artsy Crafty

'I think this is it. I hope you liked my wishlist for Colorclub nailpolishes. Have an rocking weekend!' 

'Pictures aren't my copyright. I got them from all around Google, because Google is my friend. Thanks to the owners of these pics.'  ^_^

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