Wednesday, November 16, 2011

(Nail Art) Prizes/ Giveaways ~ Mini Parcel from Youtuber Ohfaciq

'A couple of weeks ago, Youtuber Ohfaciq/ Karolina organized a mini giveaway on her Youtube channel. You only had to post a comment on her video giving your favorite products from the country where you live in. My answer was:'

'And lucky enough for me, I was one of the happy winners she picked. This is what I got in the mail from London, UK.'

'First thing she wrote to me a special thank you card. Well, it's my pleasure to be subscribed to your Youtube channel, Karolina. Your such an inspiration! Please keep doing what you do.'

'Next thing what I found in the envelope, was this honey mask from Poland... first I saw this, I thought: "Uhmm, yeah it's kind of a mask, but what scent? My Polish isn't really that great... Oh found it seems to be a mask with honey..." If I read the whole package better I knew it was a honey scent, cause it is also noticed in English... doh. Can't wait to try this mask. I will let you know if this mask was good. I'm such a mask lover, so I think it's always good...'

'And the final thing she send me, was this lipbalm from Tisane. It was the actual thing she wanted to give away, one of her favorite products from her country Poland, where she actually come from I believe. I totally understand why she love it so much... it smells so sweet, like vanilla. I didn't use it yet, cause I'm the kind of person who like to use one lipbalm at the same time... but this should be defenately the next lipbalm I want to use. She told me that I need to warm it up before using, and I think she's totally right about it, it's freezing here at the moment, meh, I mean mi- auww.' ^_^

'That's it folks... this is everything she send me. Omfgh, I feel so lucky. If you want to make someones day, please subscribe to Ohfaciq's channel. You're not only making her day, but also mine, if you do.' ^_^

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