Saturday, November 12, 2011

Purchases ~ Another Make Up Order From Alice&Jo Online Beautystore

'By accident I ordered my second package at Alice&Jo Online Beautystore. With that I changed my Alice@Jo Wishlist, wich you can find here <click>. I promised myself to order at first, if I should make an order at Alice&Jo, some Attitude Nailpolishes. So I did ordered four of these polishes, one Sleek Palettes and a Barry M Lippaint this time.'

'I ordered Boho Blue, Cranberry, Fashionable Late and Berry Burlesque. These polishes are in one word amazing. I love the big color range from Attitude Nailpolishes. I ordered four, but I added more colors on my wishlist as you might noticed. The brush is a long one. Polishes are quik dry, and in my photo's I just use one coat of every color. Sorry for my sloppy nailpainting, and excuse me for the yellow borders on some points. Seems I had yellow polish on before these swatches... ^_^ Price is €2,75 for each color.'
Screenshot from Alice&Jo
Fashionable Late GlitterKitty's pics
Screenshot from Alice&Jo
Cranberry GlitterKitty's pics
Screenshot Alice&Jo
Berry Burlesque GlitterKitty's pics
Screenshot Alice&Jo
Boho Blue GlitterKitty's pics
Idea of an Attitude Nailpolish brush

'Offcourse I had to order another Sleek Eyeshadow Palette. My choice was for the Bohemian Palette, the one with the white package. The fact that these eyeshadows doesn't have names caught my eye. My Au Naturel Palette eyeshadows have names, so I am wondering why my Bohemian Palette not. It's not a big problem, cause I still love, love, love Sleek palettes... they are so pigmented and their color range is huge. I decided to do swatches of them in another blogpost, so please be patient. A Sleek Palette at Alice&Jo is €7,95.' 
Screenshot Alice&Jo

Bohemian Palette GlitterKitty's pics

'Least I had to try a lippaint by Barry M. I ordered number 73 Mulberry. As you might see, Barry M only put the number on the package not the name of the lipstick. It's not an huge deal for me, but I thought it should be nicer if Barry M mentioned also the name. The smell of this lippaint is like crayons, but thank god, it's not an in your face crayon smell. After applying Barry M's lippaint, the scent will go away. Price for a Barry M lippaint is €5,05, wich is a bit cheaper then a Sleek Lipstick. I think I like the Sleek Lipsticks better, but I think Barry M's lippaint are good as well.'
Screenshot Alice&Jo

73 Mulberry GlitterKitty's pics

'Here ends my second Alice&Jo order. I hope you like my goodies, and I promise to make swatches for my Sleek Palettes soon as possible, when the light works fine and my battery isn't empty anymore. Big thumbs up for Alice&Jo. Defenately one of my favorite Beauty webshops here in Holland.'

'I'm sorry for my crappy pictures on some points. They are taken on my way too small make up dresser mostly at night.' ^_^

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