Saturday, November 5, 2011

Collections ~ Blush Collection 2011

'Yay, it's time for my Blush Collection. Not that I have a lot of blush, because most blushes makes me look like an disco ball... but here is my unassuming Blush Collection.'
'I have most of them from Catrice... gosh what a surprise. Still I do have a couple of NYX blushes, but I'm thinking of getting more NYX ones. I also have a small Sleek Blush wish, since I ordered some first Sleek stuffies.'
NYX Powder Blushes in Sand, Chocolate Mousse and Spice.
Catrice Multicolour Rouge Pacific Beauty (old package)
Catrice Mineral Soft Powder Rouge Wild Rose and Light Burgundy
Catrice Soft Powder Rouge Coral Sand and Terra Brown

'I also have a couple of blushes wich came in my Catrice LE Big City Life palettes. I think getting blushes in (eyeshadow) palettes are great, cause that way you get a picture wich finishes you like the most. I do like matte ones the most, but I think you get that allready.'
London Palette ~ London Eye and Greenwich
New York Palette ~ Broadway and Statue of Liberty
Sydney Palette ~ Opera House and Taronga Zoo
Berlin Palette ~ Unter Den Linden and Siegessaute

'So far my Blush Collection. Like I said, not ashamely much. Who knows what I got for blushes in the future, or what I am getting into then.'

'I'm sorry for my crappy pictures on some points, and I'm sorry for not swatching my blushes for you. I do have swatches from my Catrice palettes here. Pics are taken at night on my way too small make up dresser.' ^_^ 


  1. Drooooling...really2 want that Catrice LE Big City Life palettes! :'(
    They're all very2 pretty...are they expensive?

  2. A palette was here €6,99/ 86706,29 Indonesian Rupiah a palette but you get also shadows with them... I have no idea if you think it's expensive... and another downside: they're only sold a limited time... I think they are allready sold out here :(

  3. Wow, it's not really expensive =D
    It's affordable! Oh, sadly they're limited :(


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