Thursday, January 26, 2012

Purchases ~ 4th Order from Alice&Jo Online Beautystore

'Finally I'm back with another purchase. As you maybe noticed, I didn't shop a lot stuffies this month. Reason was: We bought also a new washingmachine. You see, the old one passed away at the end of december, and I was truly done with doing the laundry by hand... Anyway. Let's take a look at my 4th purchase at Alice and Jo Online Beautystore. I'm so lucky that I could purchase something this month anyway.' ^_^ 
This pic was taken by me... ^_^

'I bought 3 thingies, and offcourse, everytime when I shop at Alice&Jo I need to purchase at least one Sleek I-divine eyeshadow Palette. This time I bought Bad Girl. Maybe you noticed it allready: I used my new photo and video camera, so bare with me. I only took one pic by myself, all the others where taken by my feonce. Swatches for all my Sleek eyeshadow palettes are coming later. One Sleek I- divine Palette @t Alice&Jo costs 7,95.'

'Second thing was another Barry M lippaint. I really like Barry M lippaints, and they are also affordable. You get, depending on wich color you get, real quality for the price. I purchased #150 Pink Suede, and indian pinkish/ coral/ peachy color. Barry M lippaints are 5,05.'

'And last but not least, I bought my very first Sinful Colors Nailpolish at Alice&Jo! You see, Sinful Colors is an very hard to find brand in Holland. So far as I know you can order them online at Cherry I had to pick up Mint Apple, cause this nailpolish was on my wishlist for ages, but everytime I was be able to pick it up at Cherry Culture, it was out of stock.... but finally I got it! Yay! One Sinful Colors Nailpolish is 4,99 at Alice&Jo. A little bit pricey if you realize they will cost at Cherry Culture only $1,99. Oh well, I think it doesn't matter, cause at Cherry Culture you have to deal with high shipping to Holland....'

'This was it for now. I hope you enjoyed it. Nailswatches of my very first Sinful Nailpolish is coming soon. You see I got this package this morning....'

'Pics are taken by myself and my feonce in our livingroom at night. I used my new camera, a Sony Cybershot wich I got from my parents in law, so bare with me... I'm still learning to work with that camera. I took my pics for years with an old skool Pentax camera...'

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