Monday, October 31, 2011

Random Message ~ Trick or Treat 2011

'Just a Random Message to let you all know, it's Halloween! In wiccan ways, Halloween should be called Samhain, the Festival of the Death. During Samhain we commemorate our family, friends and our beloved ones who  passed away.'

'Personally I don't celebrate Halloween in the Netherlands like Trick or Threating alongside doors, but I do burn a candle for the beloved ones who passed away. You can say that I commemorate my brother who passed away from cancer. I 'celebrate' Halloween or Samhain more the Wiccan Way.'
Samhain Candles for my brother, picture taken 31-10-2007

'It doesn't matter if you are Trick or Threating, burning candles or even when you're dancing underneath the moonlight this year... Just be safe and have fun!' ^_^ 

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