Sunday, October 16, 2011

Purchases ~ MakeUp Academy (MUA) from UK

'A while back in August this year my feonce bought me some Make Up Academy goodies right from the UK. He was there because of an LANparty, that's a party for gamers. I begged him everyday to get me some MUA stuffies, cause I heard good reviews of them. I was especially looking for the Professional line, but Superdrug Tellford, don't carry any goodies from MUA's Professional line. Upcoming picture shows you what I had on my wishlist.'

'A lot of cool palettes, huh?! But my feonce called me, and told me that Superdrug Tellford don't sell any of these palettes, so he bought me every single eyeshadow from the £1 line. With that three lipsticks and two Nailpolishes, wich I show you here.'
'I love these £1 eyeshadows. They are not powdery, it seems they are a little chalky and the best way to apply them is with your fingers, I found out. I recommend to skip the base or eyelid primer, cause with an primer or eyebase these eyeshadows will crease. Without base they won't crease that easy. However I love these eyeshadow colours from MUA, and for £1 each you can't beat it.'
'To give you girls an idea about the pigmentation of these eyeshadows, I swatched them for you. As you should see, the shimmer ones are the best pigmented. The two worst pigmented are shade 16 and 17. But overall these shadows are not bad.'
'Next are these lipsticks, also £1 each. The package is a little on the crappy side, one of the lipsticks broke during the trip back to Holland. These lipsticks smells like vanilla/ sugar and are great for make up beginners. But still, it is just £1, so you don't need to expect much offcourse.'
'Least these two nailpolishes. I got these red ones, cause my feonce always choose red nailpolishes for me, and he told me that the colours I kept an eye on where sold out. He looked for other options, but in his opinion these colours shouldn't flatter me at all. I used the darkest red allready, the one with the shimmer, and I must say these polishes are great. They stay on at least 2 days on my nails without any chipping, two layers and without any topcoat, wich is amazing for just an £1 nailpolish. And the good news is, this polish don't stain on my nails, wich is also very important to me.'
'Here ends this first purchase. One thing is certain, I had to mention these MUA goodies. More purchases coming up. If you want me to make a Nailpolish Expiriments Video for one of the MUA Nailpolishes, just let me know in GlitterKitty's Guestbook.'

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