Monday, October 31, 2011

Wishlists ~ Decopolish Racks

'Omfgh, I'm hunting for an nailpolishrack for ages... until today. Today I found the perfect nailpolish rack for me, because... it has an purple decoration. And like everyone allready seen, purple is my all time favorite colour...' 

'I need to say thank you against the person who brought me at Decopolishracks.comHer name is Charity AKA ❤£ø£ø❤ on Youtube, and her blog is 3Dnailart.' 

'I love these kind of nailpolish racks, especially because they have an decoration around it. A rack costs at Decopolish Racks around $80, for an rack wich holds 60- 65 polishes, depending on the brands. Here a couple of other decorations.'

'I defenately want the purple one. In future Decopolish Racks will make some racks wich fit around 90 nailpolishes, so hopefully I get my hands on them.' ^_^ 

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