Monday, October 24, 2011

Collections ~ Lipstick Collection 2011

'Second Collection is for my Lipstick Collection. I got the most lipsticks from Catrice and NYX. Let's start off with all my Catrice Lipsticks.'
Catrice Absolute Moisture Lipsticks (discontinued, click for swatches here)
Catrice Ultimate Colour Lipsticks (swatches available here)
Catrice Ultimate Shine Lipsticks (swatches available here)
Catrice Urban Baroque Limited Edition Lipsticks

'From the Urban Baroque Collection I have a dupe for Elizabeth: Catrice Ultimate Shine #050 Simply Rosewood. On the picture you see my back ups. So if you're looking for a colour like that, you can still buy that as a look- a- like. Continue with my NYX Lipsticks.'
NYX Round Lipsticks Favorites (for swatches, please leave me a comment)
NYX Round Lipsticks Hard To Wear Colours (for swatches, please leave me a comment)

'On the NYX pictures you see some shades I bought twice, so it's a second tube. Mauve and Taupe are my favorites NYX Round Lipstick shades so far. Lastly I have a couple of random brands and shades.'
MUA Cosmetics (swatches available here)
Essence Limited Edition 50's Girls Reloaded (discontinued)
Yves Rocher (both discontinued, second one is an LE with special cap)
Random brands (LA Girls, Wet 'n Wild)

'I didn't use LA Girls and Wet 'n Wild so much. Yves Rocher, Essence and my MUA ones are my newer lipsticks this year. So far my Lipstick Collection for 2011. If I decide to buy more lipsticks, I will post that under Purchases.' 

'Excuse me a lot for the crappy pictures sometimes. I need to get gid of my bloody red background. Some pics contain my old weblog.' ^_^

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