Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Purchases ~ Sleek Make Up Order Alice & Jo Online Beautystore

'A couple of days ago I placed an order by Dutch webshop Alice & Jo Online Beautystore. Oh my, I fell in love with this Online Beautystore, because they have great and clear swatches of most products and if you place an order, you get it within 3 days if you live in the Netherlands. I have no idea if they send orders worldwide, but to be honest I guess not. Alice & Jo have an big selection of Sleek Make Up and Barry M. My eye fell also on an cheap nailpolish brand called Attitude, wich I planned to order next time. My first purchase came today, and consist only Sleek Make Up, because if there's one brand I defenately need to try then it's Sleek.'
'My first order isn't crazy much, but like I said, it's a try. Offcourse I could have order way more this first order, but you never know if it is really worth it. Shipping is only €2,95 every order within Holland no matter how much you order, so that wasn't a real big deal for me.'
'First thing I had to order was this Sleek Au Naturel Palette. First thought about this palette was"Wow, this palette is really small for holding 12 eyeshadows and a 'huge' mirror... me I like for traveling." Offcourse, it was raining outside today, so it was really hard to make some good swatches... if you want me to make good swatches later on, please leave me a comment. Sleek Palettes at Alice & Jo costs €7,95, wich is pretty cheap for 12 eyeshadow colours.'
'Second and last thing I ordered is this Sleek True Colour Sheen Lipstick in Peaches&Cream. A Youtube Guru raged about this lipstick, so I had to pick it up. At Alice & Jo a Sleek True Colour Sheen Lipstick costs €6,50. I believe they got also regular Sleek True Colour Lipsticks, wich costs €4,50 and Sleek True Colour Matte Lipsticks wich are also €6,50 a piece. It's a little more expensive then my Catrice Lipsticks, but it's not horribly more expensive then other way too expensive brands. (like Chanel, YSL or Dior). So I like the price range of Sleek.'

'Excuse me for my dry lips in the last swatch picture. I did one coat of lipstick here, I think you need at least two coats. Trust me it looks way better when my lips are healed. I think this colour will fit every skintone, and it's an great colour for summertime. It's not too heavy or bright. So far my first order from Alice & Jo Online Beautystore. I planned to order defenately more goodies from this Online Beautystore, and I planned a wishlist. So please stay tuned for that if you're curious about my other Alice & Jo picks.'

'Excuse me a lot for the crappy pictures sometimes. I know, I need to get rid of that bloody red background, but it's the only place at my home with a lot of space to make pics. Logo Alice & Jo isn't my copyright, I screenshotted it from Alice & Jo Online Beautystore.'  ^_^

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