Thursday, April 19, 2012

Purchases ~ Some Random Things March/ April 2012

'Finally, it's time for another purchases post. I picked up a few things here and there wich I want to share with you. I don't have a lot of luck with money lately, so it isn't a lot I show you, but hey, it is at least someting.' 

' Let's start with a bunch of Max Lipsticks. So far as I know, you can get Max products only in Holland at the Action. I did 2-3 years ago a swatch video with their old bunch of lipsticks. I didn't like them then, but it seems Max changed their colors a bit. In the past they only sell mostly pearly/ metallicy/ frosty lipstick finishes. Now they made these lipsticks a little bit better. In the past these lipsticks smelled like vanilla, but after a while they smelled more plasticy how more you used them. Now they still smell like vanilla. I do own and use a couple for a few weeks now, and so far no plasticy smell, wich is good. I also like their new colors better. You have at least a few with a creamy/ matte finish. The only thing wich I not so like, is the fact that they only stay on for 2-3 hours, but that's still better then my Yves Rocher Trendy Lipsticks (purple package). Color pay off is really good. For such an cheap lipstick, I can't really complain. I think you can compare Max Lipstick for packaging with Jordana or Nicka K. Max don't have the prettiest package, but it's all about the product in the end. You can buy these lipsticks in a package of two. You pay only 0,89 for two lipsticks. I think for the price they are amazing.'
From left to right: Deep Berry, Creamy Peach, Chocolate Brown, Terra, Pink Blush, Purple Pink, Peach, Poppy Peach, Hot Pink, Retro Red.

'Next I picked up this Face Cleanser, wich is a milk type of face cleanser. It's by the brand Byphasse. I never tried this brand before, and I got this at the Dutch "Op=Op Voordeelshop" for only 2,25. We shall see how this goes.'

'I also picked up these two nailpolishes. First is by Safari, and I paid 1,25 for it at the "Op=Op Voordeelshop". I don't find any name or number on the bottle, so I can't tell you wich color it is. To me this is an pastel yellow type color. The other nailpolish is from NYC's In A Minute Line. Color is Lexington Yellow, and I paid 2,29 at my local Kruidvat for it. I showed this color earlier in my Eggyolk Inspired Eyelook.'

'Lastly I shopped at the "100-en-1 Voordeelshop", another cheap store in my town. I picked up this nail art practise finger for 0,99 and this stamping set wich contains a scraper, stamper and nail art plate. This set was 1,50. I let you girls know how this works.'

'Pics are taken at night on my way too small make up dresser. Camera my Sony Ericsson Xperia Mobile Phone.'

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