Monday, April 16, 2012

Projects ~ First Concert Eyes For the Weekend

'Okay, my memory of my pc died the second Easter day, after I finished the last post about the Eggyolk Eyes... Now, my genius feonce saved my harddisk with Linux, so now I don't have Windows anymore. I need to figure out how everything works here, so bare with me.'

'However, I wanted to make another projects post, because I have another eyelook. Now I want to share with you my First Concert Eye Make Up. Past weekend was my first time as an concertreporter, and this was the look I wore during both concerts.'

'I apologize for the bad pics. When you need the sun it isn't there, and if you don't need the sun, it is a little too much around.' 

'Now the items I used.' 
After I primed my eyes with Elf Eyeprimer, I added MUA eyeshadow Shade 1 in the inner corner of the eyelid.
Then I added Lotus Flower from Sleek's Monaco Palette.
I used also the purple color from the Bohemian Palette by Sleek. In real life it doesn't look like this, it has in real life more bluetones in it.
Under my brows I used this color from the 28 Neutrals Palette. 2nd row, 2nd color from the left.
 Eyepencil, Mascara, and Mousse foundation.
Finish the look with this Yves Rocher Creme Lipstick in Rose.

'Pics are taken in the afternoon on my small dresser. Camera Sony Ericsson Xperia Mobile Phone.'

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