Saturday, April 28, 2012

Reviews ~ Finished Products April 2012

'Another month so fast gone, time for the finished products of april 2012. I did finished a couple of things, and I also finished some stuffs wich I had enough off, to be honest.'

'First I finished was this Jardins Du Monde Douchecreme in Almond from Yves Rocher. This douchecreme is one of my favorite douchecremes. It was also very cheap, with discount is was only 1,50. Catalogue price is 3.'

'These two lipbalms in almond also from Yves Rocher. For some reason my lips where very dry this month. I purchased these for only 1 a piece. Catalogue price is 2,50. Yves Rocher changed the packages of these lipbalms a while ago. These lipbalm feel so soft on the lips, defenately one of my favorite basic things. I'm also done with these two lipsticks in Peche and Mure. As you notice I don't completely finished both, cause I became sick of the crayon scent. I'm not going to repurchase these, cause I don't like the consistency and the smell. Catalogue price is 7,95, with discount I paid 4,95. Still pricey and not worth it. Their Creme Lipsticks are better.'

'Next I finished these two perfums. First was by Yves Rocher in Comme Une Evidence, wich I liked. This was the travelsize, and I got this a long long while ago. I have no idea if Yves Rocher still sell the travelsize. I don't know how much I paid for it. The second perfume bottle is a BonneBell Bottled Emotion in Flirty. I also got this for a long time now, and I don't know what the price was.'

'I also finished an topcoat and an basecoat, wich are available at the Action in Holland. I paid only 0,45 each, and I'm repurchasing these for years now, just because they are so cheap. The products are doing the job, so for the price I can't complain.'

'Lastly I finished this Perfecta Mask wich was send by Karolina. You can find my thoughts about the mask <here>. Also finished a Catrice Allround Mascara in black, wich I'm not going to repurchase anymore, cause it doen't anything for my lashes. Price of the mascara was around 2-5.'

'Pics are taken at night with my Sony Ericsson Xperia Mobile phone at night, so bare with me.'

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