Friday, August 24, 2012

Purchases ~ Wynie Eyeshadows at the 1001 Voordeelshop

'Offcourse I had to go back to the 1001 Voordeelshop to pick up their eyeshadows by Wynie Cosmetics. Wynie is a brand from Spain, and I tried their Nailpolishes earlier, click <here> for that post. It took me a little while to collect and try a few of these eyeshadows, so here it is.'

'The first two colors I picked are #45 and #59. These shadows don't have names, wich doesn't really bother me. The pigmentation makes it all good. The first one #45, is and purply- (in real life in the pan this color is more purple) most reddish color, while #59 is an pretty go-to-the-beach teal blue. Look at the pigment! You don't need to work that hard to get it nice and smooth on the lid. The consistency is so smooth and creamy, I can't believe it. Only be carefull with #45, when you blend a little too hard, you get red everywhere, wich you can see in the picture (inner teardot): I had to clean it up a little... just a little.' ^_^ 
Wynie Eyeshadow #45
Wynie Eyeshadow #59 (Very blended at the 2nd pic, I used to much shadow from my 28 Neutrals Palette. Figured that out while editing this pic. Didn't had a better one, sorry for that)

'The other two colors are #70, wich seems to be in the pan a peachy color, and #72 wich seems to be in the pan a periwinkle blue. These two surprised me the most, especially #70... when I stepped into the natural light, this peachy coral color turns into a gorgeous yellowish- gold... omfgh so stunning. You can see the colorchange back in the picture: under the eye it's yellow-gold while on my lid gloams a little of the peachyness... I love it! The other color, #72 is also surprising, in the pan lavenderish- periwinle, on my lid gloams a little pink, though. Again, with #72 you need to be carefull with the blending, but overall... beautiful!'
Wynie Eyeshadow #70 (the surprise color!!)
Wynie Eyeshadow #72

'I'm really surprised and pleasured by the quality of these eyeshadows. I think in Holland Wynie is an very under- appreciated brand. From my heart and honesty I can tell you girls: Go get you some! For the 1,99 you pay a piece at the 1001 Voordeelshop, it is defenately worth it. If you're not be able flying to Holland, or you live in another Dutch area, just keep your eyes open. Or Google where you can buy this brand in your country. I bet in Spain this brand should be sold at most places. Seriously, this brand is really worth it, trust me. Personally I'm going to pick up some more...' ^_^ 
Without eyeshadow base, and barely touching them... some swatches on my hand ^_^ 

'Pics are taken by myself with my Sony Ericsson Xperia Mobile Phone, so Bare with me.'

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