Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Purchases ~ Newest Catrice Ultimate Laquers #865 - #915 Plus Quik Swatches

'A while back I made an wishlist for the newest Catrice Ultimate Laquers, wich just came out. Yesterday I picked almost the whole bunch up, except for one, wich was allready sold out.' 

'Today I walked to my other local drugstore Trekpleister, and it seems they had the last one I missed. So now it's time for my purchase post, with quik swatches. Later on I will make swatches on my nails for you, so please be patient. This purchase is purchased today and yesterday.'

865 ~ 890
From left to right:
865 Yellow Sub-Mandarin
870 Copper Cabana
875 It's All I Can Blue
880 No Snow Petrol
890 How I Matt Your Mother

One coat
Two coats

895 ~ 915
From left to right:
895 I Am A Lob-Star
900 Steal My Heart
905 Steal My Soul
910 Oh My Goldness!
915 George Blueney

One coat
Two coats

'Most colors need at least two coats as you can see. Seems 910 Oh My Goldness is more a color you put on top of another color. My favorites are 865 Yellow Sub-Mandarin, 870 Copper Cabana, 880 No Snow Petrol, 890 How I Matt Your Mother, and 900 Steal My Heart. Lastly I want to say that Catrice raise the price of the Ultimate Laquers a little. Now They are 2,69 instead of 2,49, so keep that in mind if you plan buying them.'

'Pics are taken by myself with my Sony Ericsson Xperia Mobile Phone, so bare with me.'


  1. zien er leuk uit, hier nog niets nieuws gezien :(

    1. Oh das balen! :( Fingers Crossed dat je snel iets nieuws vind :)


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