Saturday, August 11, 2012

Projects ~ Minty and Green Nails : A Few Swatches

'I have two nailcolors I didn't show you. The first one was really cheap, and the brand is Max Nails. Price was 0,45, so don't expect to much for this greenish color. The name of the color is Turkoois.(Turquoise) It's more a green like Essies Turquoise And Caicos. I was a little disappointed. After 3 coats the coverage isn't still great. Too bad, because I really like the color in the bottle. I need to say that not every color is bad by this brand. Max Nails is a hit or a miss for me.'
3 coats of Max Nails Turkoois

'Next nailpolish I bought with discount. It's the Essie one wich was on a wishlist a little time ago. I'm talking about Mint Candy Apple. Normally Essie is 9,99, but I got it for 7,99. Still pricey, but as usual my curiosity wins. So I picked it up. It reminds me a little of Gosh in Miss Minty and also Mavala in Lagoon. First I was a little disappointed, cause the application isn't that smooth. But after struggling with two coats, the color came out beautiful. Without topcoat this Nailpolish keeps nice till at least five days... without any chipping. So defenately worth the struggle. Based on the fact that Essie last me a very long time on the nails, I will purchase another color from Essie.'
One coat of Essie Mint Candy Apple
Two coats of Essie Mint Candy Apple
Comparison with Gosh Miss Minty

'Pics are taken by myself with my Sony Ericsson Xperia Mobile Phone, so bare with me.'

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