Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Purchases ~3rd Make Up Order From Alice&Jo Online Beautystore

'I need really to confess that I'm a little obsessed by Alice&Jo. Just a little. ^_^ With the holidays around the corner, I had to order...' 

'This time two Sleek Eyeshadow Palettes, one Sleek True Color Lipstick, a Sleek Glossed Lipgloss, and 3 nailpolishes. Here we go.'
Uhm... no idea what happened while I took this pic... could be the old memory card I used...

'We're kicking off with offcourse my two Sleek Palettes... omfgh, how I love Sleek palettes... I need keep kicking myself for collecting them... this time I ordered the Monaco and Sunset Palette. They are €7,95 a piece. Like I promised earlier, I do an swatch blogpost with all of them in one post. And on a moment when I do have better lighting. Expect around Spring a post with swatches, cause then the lightning should be way better around my house.'
Monaco Palette
Sunset Palette (wich have no named eyeshadows)

'Next I ordered these 3 nailpolishes. Two are from, offcourse Attitude, one in Life of the Party a summery peachy color, and Tutti Frutti wich is lilac. Both are creme finishes. For a change I ordered also a nailpolish by MeMeMe Cosmetics in an sunny yellow kind of color, wich called Lyrical. To be honest, I ordered Lyrical because of the name, not because of the baby yellow color, cause I have plenty of yellows.  Yellow makes me smile, so this could be an reason too. However, I love this color. Unfortunately, I didn't swatch these nailpolishes yet. For a bigger post about the Attitude nailpolishes you can click here. The MeMeMe Cosmetics nailpolish I will testing out soon... say around Spring or so. ^_^ (I can better do all my blogposts in Spring in  the future, mi- auww) Besides that, my nails aren't lady- like at the moment with the happenings of past week... Anyway, the Attitude polishes are only €2,75 a piece, and the MeMeMe Cosmetics nailpolish is €5,10 a piece at Alice&Jo.'

'Lastly I have two lipproducts by Sleek. First is an True Colour Lipstick in Taupe from their regular line. I got another Sleek True Colour Lipstick earlier but that was an sheen kind of type... I love Sleek's lipsticks so far. They have no scent or taste, wich I like when I don't want to smell any scents. Sleek True Colour Lipsticks are €4,50 a piece, the Sheen and Matte ones are €6,50 a piece. The second lipproduct wich I ordered by Sleek is a Glossed Lipgloss in Rumour. Like you maybe allready noticed, I am not an big lipgloss fan, but I thought, let's try one by Sleek. You get a brush type applicator. The Glossed is not that big, it contains only 5ml of product. I do love the color though. Sleek glosses do have a candy/ vanilla kind of smell, wich is okay. The gloss isn't sticky in my opinion, and is €4,10 at Alice&Jo.'

'This was it for now. More orders at Alice&Jo to come.' ^_^

'Logo Alice&Jo screenshotted by me, however I don't own their logo. All the other pics are taken by me on my way too small make up dresser at night.'

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