Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Purchases ~ Some Random Things December

'During december I picked up some random things. Things wich I ran out of, or random things where I bought  not that much from. So please sit back, and be inspired.' 

'First two things I desperately needed to buy are these Nailpolish remover from my local Dutch drugstore Etos and Moisturizing Handcream also from the Etos. I can't say nothing special about them, only that the remover was €0,98 and the handcream €1,99. That handcream smells really good, a little flowery and girlie. I like it.'

'Next thing I purchased by accident. I didn't plan to buy it, but I do like this Nailpolish colour by Mavala. It's in number 176 Racing Green, and I didn't use it yet. I think it's an pretty Christmassy colour. I purchased it also at Etos for €4,95.'

'I ran out of a lot perfumes lately. So I thought it was time for a new perfume. This perfume I sniffed by accident, and I really like how the scent came out on my skin. It's from Christina Aguilera and called By Night. I love the little black rose on the neck of the bottle as well. Christina perfumes are available in almost every Dutch drugstore, and I paid for mine €14,95/ 15ml bottle.'

'I also decided to pick up an new skin moisturizer, and I picked this one from Essence. It's their mattifying one, and it smells like lychee and blue grape. I allready tried their toner in the same scent, and I like how it refresh  my skin when I used that toner. This skincare range is very cheap, the moisturizer and the toner is €1,99 each and is available in Dutch drugstores Kruidvat and Trekpleister.'

'Lastly I want to share with you girls, that december was an jellybean month for me. You can buy jellybeans in Holland at grocerystore Albert Heijn (AH) for €1,49/ 200grams. I purchased at least every week one bag of those goddes but evil things...' ^_^

'Pics are taken by myself on my way too small make up dresser at night.'

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