Friday, December 30, 2011

Wishlists ~ Favorite Findings 2011

'I came across so many cool stuffies this year, omfgh. I had to make a wishlist about my favorite findings for 2011.' 

'I want to start off with something ridiculous expensive. Like some of you maybe know I'm not only a Epica fan. I'm also fan from Aerosmith for ages now. I think I start to like Aerosmith around 1993 when the album Get A Grip came out.'

'Anyway, I came across this ubercool Aerosmith ring. As you might see, this piece of jewelry is very expensive. I think to be honest that I never get my hands on this cool thing. But omfgh, it's defenately one of my favorite findings for 2011.'

'Another favorite finding is the newest album from Epica, called Requiem For The Indifferent. And yes, I finally found a 'face' for this album. Requiem For The Indifferent isn't released yet. It should be released in March 2012.'

'I also found this year a cool jewelry site called To February. Offcourse I needed to put some cool pieces of jewelry on this list. For prices, you can search their site.' ^_^
Piggy Necklace
Cow Pendant

'Another cool jewelry site is Go I think I have most of my favorites there. For prices you can search their site as well.'
Spiderweb Earrings
Vintage Flower Drop Earring
Vintage Adjustable Insect Ring
Antique Hollowed Butterfly Ring

'Lastly, is this cool Nailpolish rack from Deco Nailpolsh Racks. Yeah, I know, I post this earlier. It's still one of my favorite findings this year. You will find my earlier post about this Nailpolish Rack here.'

'I don't own these pics, thanks to their owner.' ^_^

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