Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Purchases ~ Saffron London Nailpolishes

'A while ago I found Saffron London Nailpolishes in an typical cheap ass Dutch shop called "Op=Op Voordeelshop". I didn't seen this brand in Holland before, but I heard about it.'

Colors: Black #10, Metallic Purple #63, Baby Blue #53 and White #11 (I think my Memory Card is dying now...)

'I picked up a few colors to try out, and I started to buy one for 1,99. Later on I bought also a couple more with their special deal: buy 3 for 5. You will safe 1 this way, but I thought first see if these polishes are a little good. And they are. Especially the covering from the creme ones are awesome. I didn't try them on my nails yet, so I can't tell you a lot about chipping, but I noticed that these polishes are drying pretty quik too. Not very quik, but quik enough for me.'

'I have no idea what was wrong with my camera/ old skool one gig memory card when I took these pics, so excuse me for how some pics came out. If I check them on my camera everything's fine, till I put them on my computer... then the errors showing up.... Anyway here are some quik swatches. On the pic I did just one coat of every color.'

'Pics are taken by myself on my way too small make up dresser at night.'

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