Monday, December 26, 2011

Collections ~ Eyeshadow Collection 2011

'Continue with my eyeshadow collection. I have brands like Catrice, Sleek, the 28 Neutral Palette, Ben Nye, MUA, NYX and Elf. Sadly enough my close up pics aren't that good, so I throw them away. I only have this picture, wich don't even show you my Catrice Big City Life Palettes.'

'I have here some older pictures from my MUA and Sleek. I also have a post with swatches from MUA, and a post with swatches of my Catrice Big City Life Palettes. I don't have the time for making new pics at the moment. Oh well, better luck next time. I still hope I give you an idea of my eyeshadow collection.'
Sleek Au Naturel Palette
Sleek Bohemian Palette
Sleek Monaco Palette
Sleek Sunset Palette

'Pics taken by myself on my way too small make up dresser at night, except the pic with all the eyeshadows, wich was taken on my bed at night.' ^_^

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